Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cooper and Billy Fuck!

It's fun when porn sites use the names of two of your good friends as pseudonyms for a HOT porn. Sean Cody did just that as two of my best friends Cooper and Billy finally just fuck the shit out of eachother. Well, these guys named "Cooper" and "Billy" do anyway.

I came across the pair on Fleshbot, I think and went over to the Sean Cody site to see a preview of the fuck fest. The way the video is described is hilarious.

So, once they sat down, Billy and Cooper both had questions for each other.

Billy wanted to know how big Cooper's cock is.

Cooper wanted to know how many guys Billy has had sex with.

You know, for being a shy guy, Cooper is an energetic little top.

After reading the preview of the video I sent e-mails to Cooper and Billy telling them that a porn duo are stealing their names and that Cooper is the top in the relationship. It's possibly funnier to the three of us because since hanging out Cooper and I decided that Billy was a "Super Power Bottom" and it frequently comes up in conversations how Billy likes to get in a sex swing, leave the door open and hope for the best.

It's all sarcastic, fun teasing... I love these guys to death.


  1. If I would have know that leaving Vlada before you guys got there on Pride Weekend would lead to constant jokes about me in slings, I would have stayed until the sun came up! :)

    That Billy guy is pretty hot though.

  2. That Billy guy is very hot and he IS a "Super Power Bottom" and there's nothing wrong with that.