Wednesday, March 19, 2008

College Sex

I really love Current TV. If you are in my demographic it's great becaue it's a bunch of 20-somethings that are running around with cameras doing stories all over the world on almost anything.

Big up's to Gawker for the link to a story about H Bomb. It's a magazine at Harvard all about sex and relationships.

EDIT: Sorry for the autoplay. Click here for the Video Link.

There was a huge controversy when a student group wanted to publish this magazine. The co-founder says that the magazine is not porn, but high art.

My favorite is when they show the first centerfold and the bald, jacked guy hanging out on the right. WOW.

BOINK is another college magazine all about sex that I think comes from Boston University. Way back when I was in college I would have LOVED to write for a magazine that covered sex. Maybe written a short story or done something fun like take pictures...

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