Friday, January 4, 2008


I really miss the New York City Subway and New York in general. While on the subway, there was always time for me to get lost in a notebook while on my journey. I am a little bit of a notebook whore. Legal pads, notebooks, journals... I have a bunch. I also have used many of these to write down my thoughts and other creative ideas.

I came across a poem last night that I had written. I have never been one for poetry. The poem is part of 4 pages that I had written one day while on the Subway and waiting for someone at West 4th Street. Minutes turned into hours and I found myself at a bar watching the Yankees game on Macdougal Street.

Here is the poem I wrote:


Waiting, Always Waiting
For someone, something
At West Fourth
In a sea of people, always looking.

It happens for a reason
Looking for that Hollywood perfect
that does not exsist.

A connection that is more than physical
A connection that will last

Lonely, Isolated
In a city of millions.

Friends are what matter most.

It happens for a reason
Friends happen.
Last forever.


Now, After I read this back to myself I was like, WOW, I should share this with people. See what others think. I have never really written poetry, well, poems that were not for a school assignment... I have shared it on Facebook and Myspace and wanted to bring it to you. Please let me know what you think of the poem.


  1. hey mate,

    its a good poem~!do share the rest ~!

  2. I can identify with the feeling... Lonely, Isolated...Always waiting for a real connection...
    Don't know a lot about poetry, even least in English poetry, English is my second language, I have not read poetry that much, but it sounds great, beyond metric, beyond poetry rules, it has emotions, feelings, that's what matters at the end...


  3. Ugh, I hate reading friends' amateur poetry, which is usually awful, and I was prepared to be pretty embarrassed for you as I set out to read this one... but it's actually good! Ha.

    A lot of people try too hard to use big words, flowery language, and worst of all, force rhymes. I like the simplicity... and the poem's structure has a strange disconnected feeling which echos the sentiments.

    Nothing Golden Stays