Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Matt Leinart?

I was greeted at work yesterday to a newsroom full of people that could not wait for my arrival. Since I had to work on New Years Eve and the gym here at work was closed (more on that later) I decided to treat myself to some lunch and a movie.

I am not going to lie, New Years was fairly depressing this year for me. I was working, again, but was out about an hour after the ball dropped. Instead of going out to a bar I decided to go home and take some time to write and have a drink. I know, lame

So back to New Years Day, I walked into the newsroom and my boss and two other editorial types came up to me and made my day.
They had been watching the Rose Bowl and noticed Matt leinart on the sidelines. Instantly they all came to the conclusion that I looked like Matt Leinart. I was flattered.

Leinart is a good looking guy. Most quarterbacks in the NFL are in great shape, have amazing bodies and are pretty much bred to be hot. There are exceptions, but for the most part I am right.

Just check out Brady Quinn on New Years (Courtesy Towleroad)

Anyway, as I had said earlier in the post, the gym here at work was closed on New Years Day. I found that pretty random that the gym, which is 95% of every ones new years resolution, was closed. The usual suspects were there today. I really am on my way to a great 2008!

Grrrr, I hate rhyming.

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