Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The New York Giants... and weekend

My weekend was great, except for that Giants loss to the Cowboys. I had a great weekend. Friday I spent it getting ready for my move and then down at my parents house in Fairfield County. I went out for dinner then met my friend Blair for a drink. After I went and met my friend Reid who was at home with his boyfriend.

It was a fun night. Saturday was even better. I took off to hang out in NYC with a few friends of mine before my little sisters birthday party on the Upper West Side. I get to the Bar with my sister on the UWS and my friend Sabrina is there waiting for me. I used to work with her and she is awesome to hang out with.

The bar she had the party at was called Jakes Dilemma. It’s a college-esque bar complete with beer pong and “Journey” sing alongs. It was a lot of fun. About an hour into the open bar my friend Ryan stopped by and I finally got to meet his boyfriend, who is VERY cute.
The night was just a lot of fun. My sister had a lot of friends stop by from her school days in New Jersey, back home from high school and of course family. A group that came late to the party was a group that she works at a restaurant with. She works every other weekend at a place I used to work at because she is a hard worker and needs the money to help with grad school. The group that came was fun to meet and hang out with and would turn out to be important to help me.

After we left the bar we went to a diner down the street where a weird connection was made. Her friends from the Restaurant started talking about someone at work and the name Guy came up. My ears perked up and a lot of emotion and memories came back.
If you go back and read that entry you know that Guy and I stopped talking and I never heard from him again. Anyway, according to my sisters friends, he just got out of jail and is now working at the same place I did 3 years ago before I started working in New York. CRAZY!
What I want to do, but won’t, is see how he is doing. I don’t want to search him out. But, if I do run back into him while in the area, I wouldn’t mind.

Sunday… sigh Sunday. The tailgate was fun, I cheered but the Giants lost the game. I can’t even bring myself to talk about the game. Oh well, Detroit here we come.


  1. Sounds like fun.....sorry I missed you!

  2. Eli is not adopted. Peyton sucked worse later!

    Still, it could be worse. You could be a diehard Dolphins fan.

    It's a wonder i'm not an alcoholic this season.