Thursday, November 1, 2007

Check out Zach

While at work today I was reading through some e-mail and doing my usual "work stuff" and I came across a story on Zach Puchtel. Zach played basketball at the University of Minnesota and recently talked about his sexuality as a former NCAA athlete.

In the interview with, he talks about how he came out and his current feelings...

GH: When did you first realize you might be gay?
ZP: I think most people question their sexuality growing up, but for me it had been lingering. It had been a question in my mind for quite a while.

GH: You had a serious girlfriend, right?
ZP: Yes, I dated her for close to a year and half.

GH: How did she react when you told her? Was she surprised?
ZP: I had shared some feelings with her, but yeah, she was shocked. She was very understanding. For the record, I’m not gay, I am who I am.

GH: Does that mean that you are interested in dating men or women?
ZP: Women

GH: I'm a little confused, how is that coming out if you still want to date women?
ZP: I had to find out exactly where I stood with my own sexuality, and so I did.

GH: experimented and realized you did want to be with women?
ZP: I’m at a point that if I met someone and loved them, I wouldn't let their gender get in the way, and I don’t think anyone should.

GH: Do you think being openly gay on a college team would negatively affect recruiting, or do you think other coaches would use it as negative recruiting?
ZP: I’m sure that it would some places, then again, smart, accepting, progressive people would most likely be attracted to it.

I have had some really great readers e-mail and ask about how I have dealt with coming out on my own. So far, I have not had a negative experience. I like how Zach is himself and just open to his emotions, attractions and feelings. Some hardcore gays may say, "that's bullshit, he should choose a side. there is no such thing as being bisexual, he is in denial."

I truly think that someone can be attracted to both sexes and like one sex more than the other but still be open for love wherever it comes from. Love is a strange beast that comes out of nowhere and drags you along on an unchartered journey. We are all awaiting for that journey to begin, some are on that journey right now.

I wish I had found Zach's Blog The Search, before the article was published, but that's ok. Check him out. He's smart and funny.


  1. I think he also had a small story about him on OutSports. It is a really good story.

  2. I've seen that guy shoot the hoops. Interesting style he's got, - Stevo (