Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I have had a lot of downtime. As most of you know, work has been going great. Not much to complain about because I work with sports all day, everyday. As with news coverage and what I do, there is a lot of hurry up and wait that goes along with the job. Not that I am complaining about it, but it's a fact of the position.

Right now I am sitting in my hotel room, getting ready to move in a few days to a condo about 10 minutes away from work. The place is in the woods. No seriously, it is. It is going to be a BIG change from my apartment in Manhattan but so far, everything has been a pretty good transition. I will be living with my friend Dane, who you may know from Cooper's blog. He has a second bedroom that is available and for the next few months I will be living with him.

This is going to give me some time to save some money, settle some debt that I have and get on my feet. I also plan on looking for a place of my own to buy. YAY!

I have been pretty good with going to the gym as of late. Since moving, a lot of my friends who have not seen me have commented on how good I look and that it looks like I have lost weight. Cooper, Billy and Brechi included. I have been going to the gym on a great schedule doing mostly cardio, some abs work out and a variation of my trainer workout that I had while in New York.

I feel good. Since I don't have to go to work till the afternoon, I find myself waking up, going through e-mails and such and then heading to the fitness center to work out before I have to work. When I do get to work, I use my hour "lunch" break to use the fitness center and do some more cardio.

I feel great, I feel like my head is in a better place, but do miss the hustle that is NYC. I have also got some fun e-mails from people who have been brought into my life. One was from a boy that I met over the summer. He is living in New York and recently went through a break up... of course it happens when I leave. But what is nice is that he was thinking about me and asked me out to dinner! Who am I to argue about a dinner date in New York.

One last thing before I fall asleep... A get well soon to someone up in Boston. A friend that I started talking to not so long ago had something very unfortunate happen and is now in the hospital. He should be getting out at some point Wednesday but wanted to give him a shout hoping that he is reading this and knows I hope he is feeling better about everything.

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