Monday, July 9, 2007

Weekend Fun

This weekend turned out to be really fun. Friday night I hung out with a co-worker of mine named Chris. He is a good looking Italian guy who played college lacrosse. He is a big Yankees and Giants fan, like me and we have been to a few Yankees games so far this season. We hit up happy hour at a bar uptown with half price beers and appetizers. We left that bar around 11pm and he headed to Long Island to see his girlfriend and spend the rest of the weekend with his girlfriend.

I headed down to Hells Kitchen to meet up with Cooper at The Ritz. A guy I went to college with was also there with his friends and it was nice to meet some other guys and just talk. There was a VERY forward guy who wanted Cooper really bad. He was a mess. Cooper left after 3 drinks and I somehow got to 2am and didn’t realize it was that late.
I got up Saturday morning to play softball and kicked some ass. I missed Cooper’s super-fun moving day but still was able to get down to meet Cooper, his new roommate and Billy for dinner at Tour in Chelsea. On my way down to dinner I realized that Billy and Cooper have quickly become two of my best friends in New York. It’s funny when people ask us how we know each other. Cooper says, “We met at a bar through mutual friends” which is true.

Anyway, dinner was fun. Great conversations about pretty much everything and anything. After dinner, Cooper’s friend with a bf came and met us at GYM bar for beers where my nipples were a hot commodity. Billy and Cooper thought it would be fun to try and pinch my nipples. Once they found out how sensitive they are and how ticklish I am, they went non stop. I also realized that I had a rip in my crotch and Billy took it upon himself to reach into my pants and tickle my balls. So not only was he pinching my nipples and also copped a feel. Oh Billy… so silly.


Another one of Cooper’s friends joined us at GYM. A very cute Red Head who has AMAZING biceps. God they make me want to do 500 curls a day to try and get arms like him. He is smart, used to work at CBS Sports and is now going to be a lawyer… total package.

We decided to leave GYM and head to Barracuda. We got our beers and headed to the back of the bar where I ran into a guy who works with me at work. He and I only know each other from seeing each other at work but it was fun talking to him and chatting about guys at work and guys in the bar that night. Cooper had been introduced to a HOT guy at GYM who is not only a fun guy to hang out with but very sweet. Joe joined in our circle of conversation and gave me a big boost in my confidence that would help me later in the night.

With as hot as this guy was he told me that I was a good looking guy and shouldn’t sell myself short. He is the kind of guy that you look at and think can’t be very smart because he has an amazing body. Not only was he sweet, he was smart and gave some great advice. I had made a comment about how I feel like I can’t find anyone and he said something along the lines of “you’re a good looking guy with an awesome personality, why wouldn’t anyone like you?” What a confidence builder. Soon after my friend Rob showed up and told me he was moving to Chicago which sucks because he is such a nice guy. While talking with Rob, out of the corner of my eye I spot this guy Gino talking with friends.

I met Gino a few weeks ago and we ended up having a one night stand. When I talk about guys here on the blog and I go home with them or they come home with me, I don’t sleep with all of them. There is of course foreplay and lots of other fun, but never full on sex. Gino and I had sex. I had called him later in the week and he never got back to me.

Anyway, I go up and say hi to him and get a cold hello. He introduces me to his friends and didn’t expect me to be there. I say I am here with friends and I point over to where they are and Billy is making out with one of Coopers friends, Cooper is deep in conversation with his Latino model/Volleyball player and my friend Rob is talking with his friend that he brought. I looked like a 5th err 7th wheel.

I turn back to Gino and say, “Thanks for calling me back.” I realized what I had just said and he laughs. We made some more small talk and he headed to the bathroom and outside to smoke. Joe told me I should go outside and talk with him. My confidence is at a high and Bill agrees I should talk with him.

I head outside to say hi to him and he is talking with a bunch of people and is entertaining a friend who is leaving for Paris this week. So he is talking with him and I am just hanging out. I head back inside, sort of defeated and Billy wants to take off so I say I will walk out with him. As we walk out I wanted to say goodbye to Gino and tell him I have a new phone number. Gino gives me a look and asks, “Why are you leaving? One more drink?” I couldn’t resist. Billy takes off and so does Cooper.

Back inside the bar Gino and I talk and get propositioned by some guy to have a foursome with his boyfriend. So random. Another guy tried to buy coke off of us and wanted to know where to find some. Crazy.

As we walked outside after last call, I walked him to the corner expecting him to say goodbye as he hailed a cab. The cab pulls up, I open the door for him and he gives me a look saying without words, “aren’t you getting in?”

I slept over and we had pretty good sex. I have to say it was very satisfying and I don’t talk about it much here but seriously, it was great. A few hours later our cell phones are going off like crazy and he was meeting a friend in Central Park. I got dressed and he walked me to the door. He gave me a kiss goodbye and promised to call me this week.

I went home, showered and met back up with Cooper and his friend JP visiting from DC. We walked downtown after brunch and Cooper ended up buying an iPhone as well at the SoHo store. After his purchase he headed back to Brooklyn and I headed uptown. As I was walking I ran into Gino again.

Could this have been fate bringing us back together? Telling us to keep talking and all? Who knows. We are now myspace friends, if that means anything. I hope he calls me back sooner this week. I really do have a crush on him.

I have an interview this week, so wish me luck on that. I need a haircut and need to press my suit. Also, this weekend should be fun because I already have a hot brunch date with a former blogger who will be in town. It should be fun.


  1. I did no such things. I have no idea what you are talking about. I was drinking tea and doing soduku puzzles all night.

  2. Dang. Such an eventful night. Now I'll know to beware of Mr. Sodoku doing Billy lol.

    For a city as big as New York, you do run into people everywhere. It's so odd.

    And here's wishing you luck on the interview.

  3. Wow...I can only imagine getting that much attention ever! I'm so jealous JP! heh...Sounds like you are well bro and glad to hear you're getting out alot more often. And did you notice you talk less about work now? WHich is good, I think. Definitely following your move and putting myself out there more now than before. I've been in WeHo more times in the span of a few weeks than I ever planned to. I looove it there now! I went to Hamburger Mary's finally and that place is awesome! Haha...Definitely wasn't there for the food mind you!

    Hope to catch up with you soon since I'll be making my way out there in about a month and a half's time!

    Take care bro! :)


  4. they have last call in NYC?
    ha ha. anyway, great post man, glad you are having some real fun up there! later.

  5. Billy is silly!

    Very amusing post, I enjoyed it thoroughly!