Friday, July 6, 2007

busy, busy, busy

I am sure most of you have noticed how busy I have been as of late. Work kicks my ass on most days but the past few weeks it has been busy, but good. I have been doing a lot more "producing" on the show (s) and a few Senior producers have noticed that I have been picking up some slack and doing a bunch of extra stuff.

Today, a senior producer gave me the responcability of editing the "most important video of the day" in her words. Ok, it was stupid animal footage but still, everyone said it was BIG for the show. I did it, they loved what I did and we had some fun e-mails back and forth.

I hope everyone had a great fourth of July here in the States. I should have lead the entry out with this but I bought an iPhone on Monday. Yes, you heard right, I have an iPhone. I switched over to AT&T and now have one.

The only annoying aspect of it is the, "Hey, is that an iPhone? Can I see???" and then I get nervous. At work everyone wants to play with it and it sucks because they press buttons, go into your texts, e-mails and calendar. I love the phone so far.

Some people are waiting for "Generation 2" of the device and to that I say, why? The hardware is great and if they want to add some new software all it will take is an iTunes update.

Anyway, I am beat... I am about to take a nap and then hit the gym and possibly hit up happy hour with Billy and Cooper. I just sent them texts and hope they want to go. Anyone else in NYC want to go?


  1. How is the web browsing speed with Edge? I am guessing it is probably decent since you are in the city. I fear here in Orlando it would be weak. I really hope they build the 3G network up faster.

  2. you have an iphone! I am so jealous of you. At least you can get them in the states, it is not looking too good for us to get them in Canada anytime soon.

  3. I could have predicted the "can i see it" thing happening. I'm trying to deny myself the in built need to have something new as soon as it comes out since I still have a yr in my contract.