Tuesday, July 31, 2007

JP Visits McSteamy

For those who I haven’t talked to yet, I am doing better. I ended up leaving work early on Monday morning and going to the Emergency Room. I woke up on Sunday with severe stomach and side pains. I thought I was just feeling it from the night before.

I had went out drinking with some guys from the softball team to celebrate the end of our season and had a good time. I hadn’t been feeling well after the game, but went out anyway.

Anyway back to Sunday. I was laying around because it was raining out and just drinking a bunch of pepto. I had the same pains a few weeks earlier and it went away. Well, this time they didn’t. I was going to call out of work but went in for a little bit and ended up going home and right to the ER.

I was happy that from the time I walked in and was in a room in the ER was 15 minutes. They gave me a morphine drip and some percocets to ease the pain. I fell right asleep… I was tired and trying to sleep with the pain was horrible.

I woke up and they had tested my blood and urine and told me I could have a kidney stone. They used a sonogram and found a small stone and said that it could be treated with a procedure called Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy that sends soundwaves into the stone and breaks it apart so I don’t have to pass it.

I did not leave the hospital till afternoon. They took a catscan and saw that the stone was broken up and gave me a prescription to help with the pain. I went home, napped and then saw the Simpsons movie.

I slept for 14 hours today and came into work. People think I am crazy for coming to work. But I hate sitting at home and doing nothing.

Thank you to those who sent me e-mails hoping that I feel better.


  1. Cooper and I were about to start searching the Hudson River for you.

    Glad you feel better!

  2. Hey JP, glad you're feeling better. The pain from a kidney stone is said to be the closest thing to childbirth a man can experience. Talk about pain!! You're lucky the lithotripsy broke up the stone and you were able to pass it. I had one that wasn't able to be broken up and lets just say the procedure for removal requires a little basket and there is no incision made. You do the math on how that is accomplished! Keep those kindneys irrigated, drink lots of water.


  3. JP I know how bad it is, I go to the ER two to three times of year due to my ongoing kidney stones. They are not very proactive here it seems because I am on an HMO. I usually always get in they run and IV give me Toradol and morphine then take me for a cat scan 4 hours later and 5,000 dollars billed to the insurance I am back home feeling better.

  4. That's awful. I feel your pain (even though I've never had or passed a stone in my life).

  5. I'm playing catch up on blogs...I hope you're doing better now! Yikes!