Saturday, July 28, 2007

How do I do it?

No seriously, how do I do it??? Last night (Friday) was so much fun. As most of you remember, I had a date on Tuesday and I had called Erik today to talk to him and got voicemail. I said I wanted to hang out and I waited his return call... There was none.

My friend Rob called me and needed a drink bad, but wanted to go to the gym first. I hung out with my roommate and his gf (very rare we are home at the same time) and then met Rob at about 10pm at Vlada. Tony turned me on to the bar back in January and I like the guys that go there, AND my favorite bartender in the whole world, Shawn, works there.

Shawn and I got to talking on his first day there, both very flirty and told me to come back when he works. I go ... he treats me very well and I am very happy. Anyway, Rob and I get some food and start talking about his move to Chicago and he is really stressed out about his move and a new job that has left him out in the cold and on his own for a position he started 2 weeks ago with no team to help him and doing the work of about 4 people.

Anyway... Cooper and Billy join and we start getting messy. Rob is loving the fact that I know both the bartender and the cute waiter Zach and they say hi and whenever we need drinks they will come over and get it for us right away, even though its crowded. I spot a guy wearing a NY Giants retro tshirt and he is pretty good looking. I mention him to Billy and he agrees and I go over and introduce myself and I hear his accent. He is from Whales and now lives here in NYC. I talk about how the Giants are playing in London at Wembley and he kinda has no clue who the NY Giants are. Oh well... his friends are heading downstairs he says I'll be back.

I go back to the group of friends and about 5 minutes later, the cute Brit comes up to me and hands me his card and says, "I really want you to call me this week." with a wink. I smile and Billy's jaw drops to the floor. I have never had that happen to me and all I can say is that my confidence went through the ROOF. I head over to the bar and see them ordering from Shawn and I make a motion saying to throw the drinks on my tab. The Brit and his VERY cute friend try paying and Shawn motions to me saying I paid and they smile and head over to talk. A few more minutes go by and they leave.

I was kinda pissed off because he gave me his card and continued to stay at the bar and hang out with friends. On the other hand, it was a friends birthday and who am I to pull someone away from a party and friends.

The night goes on and there are plenty of cute guys around. I head down to the bathroom and there is a drunk chick from Staten Island in the bathroom complaining that she isn't going to get laid in a place like this. The guy peeing next to me laughs, I laugh and as we wash our hands I introduce myself and we walk upstairs. He takes an intrest in me. He is older then I am, is a "Doctor" so he says and takes an interest in me. We talk, flirt and he kisses me in the bar. He asks to get out of there so I leave with him.

We walk on the street, holding hands, talking. He asks me where my place is and I tell him to slow down. We walk and talk for about an hour. He is really nice and he asks me for my phone number so he can call me and take me out sometime. I give it to him and walk back to see Rob who is now at Posh.

While walking, I am behind this really cute guy with a KU (Kansas) hat on. Blonde hair, tight body, cute biceps. I yell "go Jayhawks" He turns around and smiles. He asks me if I am from Kansas, I am not. He smiles and his friend introduces us and she tells me off the bat that he is on Broadway right now. I tell them how I haven't seen a show in a long time and she says that he is in a production right now of Grease. He smiles and says I should come check outa show sometime. I say I am going to need to get tickets and find out when he is performing. He asks me for my number so we can figure it out...

So to recap, a Lawyer gave me his card and wants to get dinner... a Doctor wanted to go home with me but instead we made out and walked around the city... and a Broadway actor wanted my number so I could go and watch him perform... and I hope that one turns into a date.

What I want to know is... how do I do it? Is it just the going up to people and being friendly thing that guys love? I know it shows confidence and apparently it's working.

I'm going to play softball now. Wish me luck and lets see what kind of trouble I can get in tonight...


  1. Damn JP!

    I think you answered your own question there at the end...

    Have fun tonight stud!

  2. and someone offers to take Billy's nut in the subway. What the hell!

  3. CONFIDENCE is wicked sexy and its working for you! Go ahead!

  4. What are you slipping these guys ;)

  5. Doctors and Lawyers what's next NASA Astronauts?

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  7. Sounds like you had a amazing weekend JP... I can't wait to hear how it ended up... Oh and tell your buddy Rob if he wants to hang out when he's in Chicago to get in contact with me. I'm always willing to show people around.

  8. dude, for real for real??? that was an awesome post. hope the weekend went well and we get more updates soon. ha. I wish I could just be fly on the wall, or be ready to get the guys you shoot down...ha. have a great week, later.

  9. I hate your guts, JP.

    (read: sarcasm)

    (No. read: jealousy)

    : )

    Nothing Golden Stays

  10. So, they're good looking and successful?

    Why doesn't that ever happen to me?