Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts, anchor of Good Morning America, announced yesterday on the show that she has breast cancer. I first met and worked with Robin when I interned at GMA in college in 2003-2004. Robin is a friend of mine and working with her as an intern and professionally is an honor.

To those that know her, Robin is one of the greatest people I have ever met. When my parents came to see the show she made sure to stop and say hello and to compliment my work that I had done working with her. I saw her a few times outside of work and have to say she is someone I hold in my heart.

My friend Lori and Lisa lost thier mother to breast cancer last year. Her mom had not got a mamogram and fought breast cancer twice before losing her battle last October.

This is me during my internship along with Robin and my little sister when she came to visit me during my internship.


  1. glad to hear you are feeling better. YIKES! hope you get lots of rest this week.
    and about Robin, I've always loved her in the morning. after I boycotted today show when the new old lady from view arrived. Robin does seem most sincere on the morning shows. have a good week. later.

  2. What a great opportunity you had to work with Robin Roberts. She is definitely an inspiration. I am glad she detected it early on unlike some on this breast cancer message board.

  3. It seems like it happens to all the good people. I really enjoy her when I watch GMA.

  4. I found your story interesting about Robin Roberts. I really enjoy her on GMA. I am interested in journalism/Comm so I watch all of the morning shows. She is by far my favorites in the mornings followed by Harry Smith and Diane Sawyer.