Wednesday, May 16, 2007


The Upfronts are this week here in New York. For those who don’t know what they are, they are the broadcast networks presenting their new shows and returning series for advertisers. I am very interested in the new pilots this season. I thought I would give you guys an idea of what I am watching this past season and what I am looking forward to next season.

2006/2007 – in no order

There were a lot of shows that I got into this season.

Grey’s Anatomy- ABC
My sister and mother got me into the show at the end of their first season. I really loved TR Knight before he came out of the closet. He had this cuteness to him and his shaggy hair was something I was really into at the time. I still enjoy the show and is a staple in my DVR

I have loved LOST since it started 3 seasons ago. Now that there is an end date to the show I think people will be back into it. Something I have noticed about the show is that a lot of people catch up by watching DVDs and watching episodes online at

Look for LOST to start tying up some loose ends starting next season and some interesting story lines.

Desperate Housewives - ABC
Another ABC show that I am into. I really got into it after Sean Pyfrom’s character Andrew Van De Kamp came out of the closet. He had an interesting story line that I really loved about the show. Marc Cherry recently said in an interview…

"I think that he'll have some interesting gay adventures," Cherry told "Right now we're just winding down season 3, but in June the writing staff gets together and we'll talk about that. But you know, he's had such a tame year, it's time to kind of juice him up again."

Despite offering more gay adventures, Cherry—who is himself gay—said that he's not sure if Andrew is gay. "That's a debate I'm going to have with the writers," he said. "A lot of writers feel that sometimes young boys say 'bisexual' because that's 'a stop on the way to gay town.' But you know, I actually think it might be fascinating if Andrew experiments, as long as we have some interesting complications from that. I know that so many gay teenagers do 'try it' just to please their parents. So we'll see. Something shocking would happen as a result."

The actor who plays Andrew, Shawn Pyfrom, still doesn't seem comfortable with the gay stories though, and said he is happy for Andrew not to have a boyfriend because he finds filming the scenes with other men "a little awkward.

Jericho - CBS
When I read the description of the pilot I was intrigued. The storyline revolves about the residents of Jericho, a small, rural Kansas town, in the aftermath of a series of nuclear explosions across the contiguous United States. The series begins with a visible nuclear detonation of unknown origin over nearby Denver, Colorado, and a loss of power and modern communications, effectively isolating Jericho

The pivotal character is Jake Green who returns home to briefly visit his family before becoming stranded as a result of the catastrophe. After a tense reunion with his father, Mayor Johnston Green, Jake becomes a hero to Jericho by helping protect it and its residents. As Jake, along with his family and friends, work to help the town survive, they are completely unaware that one of their own residents, Robert Hawkins, knows much more about the attacks that took place than he is letting on.

The show is brilliant. I really got into it and it made me think of what would happen if the US were to be attacked with nukes. It was kind of scary in the beginning but the storylines have been great. CBS really fucked themselves (lack of a better word) when they renewed the show early in it’s run then put the show on hiatus with a fall finale.

New shows, and old like LOST, lose their steam when you get some good storylines together and then take 3 months off. It’s crazy. CBS has not picked the show back up for a second season… but I hope they do very soon.

The Office – NBC
If you don’t watch this show… you are crazy. It’s very funny. I can’t even begin to talk about how much I like this show.

24 – FOX
FOX made millions last season waiting for January 2006 to premiere the 5th season of 24. All 24 episodes back to back with a 2 night, 4 hour ORGY premiere. The 2007 season was no different. It started off as a great season. Jack was back from Chinese custody, President Palmers brother was in the White House and a nuclear bomb was set off in Valencia, CA. News outlets made a big deal about a nuke going off on American Soil and some called it the first depiction of it happening on national television. Jericho would have been the first to show it back in September 2006, but her, it’s Jack Bauer and no one really cares about a pilot episode of a show that no one had seen before.

The 6th season in 2007 has disappointed many fans, including me. They ended the regular storyline early and brought back Audrey Raines. Jack was arrested again, which I still don’t understand and CTU was yet again attacked. It seems like they took every storyline they did in Seasons 1-5 and crammed them into the 6th season with different characters.

I am still pissed off they killed Edgar last season.

How I Met Your Mother – CBS

This comedy is hysterical. For those in your mid-twenties go on and watch this show. It seriously reminds me of my life right now and interacting with my friends that are in and out of relationships and those who are engaged. Neil Patrick Harris plays Barney, a sex crazed twenty something that is the funniest character on the show. There is an episode where he goes to meet Bob Barker because he thinks that he is his father.

I mean, come on… it’s Bob Barker… my first sentence was “Come on Down”.. I know that was Rod Rodey’s line but it reminds me of him so much.

The Class – CBS

The Class is a sitcom created by David Crane and Jeffrey Klarik, the creator of FRIENDS. Due to the overwhelming reputation of the creators, many networks (including NBC, FOX, and CBS) made bids for a full 13-episode season, prior to seeing a pilot. Ultimately, CBS won the bidding war with an undisclosed amount.

I really enjoyed the show when I first saw it. It came on after How I Met Your Mother and was a real compliment to HIMYM. It is not on the schedule for next season so who knows what will happen.

Traveler – ABC

I watched the pilot and really liked it. Did anyone else catch it? I want to know what you thought.

Law and Order: SVU
I don’t even need to really explain why I love this show.

Coming later today, some pilots that are new this TV season that I can’t wait for.


  1. Kudos to the braintrust over at ABC for having the balls to greenlight "Cavemen".

    It's marketing genius to develop a show based on a character from an auto insurance commerical.

  2. Yeah, The Class wasn't picked up for a second season, according to Sam Harris's Myspace. It wasn't my favorite show ever, but it was definitely above average for a new sitcom. It'll be missed :-/

  3. I love The Office, but the show I love the most is 30 rock. Ever since I saw the "Muffin Top" video, I got caught by it. I also like The Class, it's a shame it's not having a second the guys in the cast are hot (except for the red haired geek...he's funny, though).