Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Tonight at work was very entertaining. I am on the “easy” shift right now. After working months on this Hellish 12 hour shift I am now on an 8 hour shift where I get in at around midnight. I do my regular duties but at a desk secluded from the craziness from the newsroom.

I was entertained by my friend Phil up in Boston most of the night until he left me for bed. Oh well. I have some job updates for you all…

First California… I did NOT get the job. I did however make a bunch of contacts out there… most with cute guys and have sent my resume to them. As far as the interview, it went well. It went so well that I was named the primary backup. So if one of the two people reject the position, or cannot fulfill the duties of the crown… I get to take over. The producer recruiting for the position said that it happens all the time. Also, when I get out to California I could call her and talk about my career options.

Second… I interviewed for another network and have been talking to the coordinating producer for the past few months. Here is what has happened… I applied for the position back in January… he emailed me at the end of February and I interviewed in March.

I kept talking to the Producer and talked to him about once a week. I got an e-mail yesterday saying…

I wanted to let you know that we have filled the **** position. The new hire has been working as an **** for several years at various markets. You sound like a bright person who may be able to help us in the future and would like you to pay us a visit. I appreciate the interest you showed in wanting the job and you had great references. It simply came down to us hiring a person who already had the experience.

So, next Friday I have a sit down chat with this guy about possible open positions and what is available for me there. He seems very interested in recruiting me. I know many of you may be saying, “That’s not right being courted by another network…” The network has the same parent company so it would be like moving to another division. Not bad right.

Actually, both of these jobs were are with the same parent company. It’s not a bad thing… I have great pay, benefits but my hours suck balls.

Anyway, thought I would give you guys a job update. I was really bummed out the other night and a few readers (you know who you are) were very kind and said some great things to me.

I am flattered with all the nice words you guys had for me. I really appreciate it. I do know that I am a great asset to a TV Network… just need to find my niche. Thank You everyone!


  1. yes! I was wondering. i'm glad things continue to look promising. keep at it stud!

  2. Congrats, glad things went well.