Sunday, May 20, 2007


I know... It's been a couple days and I feel horrible about not updating the blog for all of you. But that's what happens when you are busy. I usually update you on my weekend antics and if anything happened of note... I always seem to find myself in situations that get akward.

Friday night I hung out with this guy Chris from work. He is a really cool guy that started work with me a few weeks ago. He played Lacrosse in college and is from Long Island. A girl that I work with was trying to figure out if he played on my team because he only had "It's complicated" listed on facebook. After talking about the Yankees and Giants I asked him one day about the whole, "It's complicated" thing and the reason it's complicated is because his girlfriend is jewish and he is not. Her parents don't want her to be with him and never want to meet him.

Well Friday night I got to meet her. I went over to Chris's place and we watched the Yankees-Mets disaster and after watched a movie just hanging out. Chris and I finished an 18 pack between us and I went home and passed out.

I woke up early Saturday monrning, grabbed a bacon, egg and cheese from this place on the corner and headed to my softball game. We split the series and I got to know a bunch of guys a lot more because we were down a few players. I am having an awesome time playing with these guys and can't wait to have a full team in a few weeks.

I came home after the game and hung out, ate some food, and layed down for a nap. Naps are amazing. Later on in the night I headed down to Chelsea for a roof top party. My straight friends have this awesome apartment that has access to the roof. I went down and saw my friend from college, hung out with the guys and was having an awesome time. It was getting late... and for some reason I was flirting with some random guy whose iPod had a lot of "gay" music on it, and this cute latino that was giving me eyes most of the night came over and started talking to me.

He asked me if I had a girlfriend and I said, "I don't fuck girls"... I remember because it made me laugh when it came out of my mouth. I had to refill my beer and headed for the keg in the hallway. He followed.

We had a conversation out in the hallway by the keg about how he loved watching Gay porn and lately it's been turning him on. The conversation quickly went from there and I was playing it cool with the guy. The latino said, "I don't think I could ever do anything with a guy..." so I responded with, "so why are you flirting with me?" and he came right back with, "because you are cute." His mouth droppped as soon as he said it because he realized he was telling the truth.

He gave me his card and told me to call him sometime. I smiled and wanted to get back inside. My friend Marissa was giving me a look and I asured her nothing was going on and that I was being a good boy. We danced some more inside and I headed out for more beer and made a trip to the roof. Looking out over 6th ave I was alone on the roof. Gathering some thoughts at 4am and the Latino came up from behind me. He wanted to talk some more.

I felt bad for him because he kept talking about how he wanted to act on his feelings and desires but couldn't because he was scared that he would like it and that would "make him gay". I listened to him and just felt bad for him. Three guys from the party came upstairs and it freaked the Latino out so he decided to leave. He told me to give him a call.

One of the guys who came upstairs I have known for a few years and we got talking about being single in New York. The other two guys had no idea that I was gay. It came up in conversation and it blew them away. One was from Australia and said that he has a few friends that would love me because I am an attractive, nice guy. I was flattered and really digging his accent even though he was straight. The sun started to come up over the buildings and the four of us finished our beers talking on the rooftop.

On my way home in the cab I looked at the latinos card. I saw his cell and decided to text him, "Nice to meet you bro, JP" 2 minutes later he called me and I didn't pick up. He left a voicemail and I haven't listened to it yet.

I guess my weekend wasn't too weak. It was awesome drinking until dawn, but I guess I can do that when I sleep at weird times of day no mater if its a Saturday or Wednesday. I slept pretty much all day and now I am awake for work. I need food.


  1. Hey, JP
    I hope I'm still reading your blog ('cuz this could take some time)when you come to the realization, as I eventually did, that life if more fun when I drink less. I have more fun and do fewer dumb things when I'm not drunk. Enjoy it in the meantime.

  2. very interesting situation, hopefully he will find happiness in the end. I love accents as well :)

  3. Hey, don't forget about me texting you as well.


  4. sounds like some FUN bud. You must be extremely awesome to have these guys trust you enough to be willing to flirt and come out about stuff like that, anyway it's cool for them, and for you the guys you get to make out with. ha.
    sounds like a very cool "up all night" weekend. enjoy your week. later.

  5. Hey Man... haven't commented in awhile. Hope all is well. anyhow, i can relate a little to the latino. i had some pretty bad internalized homophobia myself. well, sometimes it even comes back now even tho i've been out about 3 yrs now. hope you can be a support for him. you're very confident about who you are -- i can tell by reading your blog... peace.