Monday, April 30, 2007

Expensive Weekend

It's great to be back in NYC, and this weekend I celebrated in style. Friday night, I had no clue where it was going to take me. I started off by heading to GYM to watch the Yankees-Red Sox game (don't get me started on the Yankees right now)

I am getting pretty disappointed in GYM. Not so much the bar, but the guys that have been showing up to watch games and hang out there. I did meet the hot Aussie guy grant and Jacob at GYM… both of those guys have turned out to be great guys to hang out with, even though they are no longer in New York.

Anyway, I leave my apartment and the Yankees are down 2-0. I get to the bar and the Yankees are winning 4-2. I ask someone how the Yankees went ahead and the guy says in a VERY feminine voice, "Oh honey, I don't know. I just thought the hat was cute. Makes me look like a jock."

I roll my eyes with disgust. The only guy there that I was able to get an answer from was the bar back, who was wearing all Mets gear. He was cute, but probably straight (more on that later) I get a text from my buddy Matt who happens to work for the rival morning show that I work on. He is having a party at his place so I head over and hang with him and drink free Beer and Jager.

It was nice to meet some new people and chill with Matt. At one point, after a few drinks, Matt and I are out on his balcony and we are talking and I blurted out "Matt, I'm Gay." I had no clue why I decided to just blurt it out. He looked at me and said, "Seriously? That's cool man, I never would have known." The rest of the night was as it was before, more drinking, watching his hot roomie take his shirt off and dance around. About 3am I decided to take off and catch the subway home. I woke up Saturday at around noon, didn't realize how drunk I had been the previous night and hung out with my roommate and his friend watching the NFL Draft and the Yankees game.

Later that day I had a softball game out on Randall's Island, and it was my first real bonding experience with my team. I was disappointed in the way I played. A special thanks to Slugger, gave some pointers as I was on my cab ride over to the island. I know I have to learn to be patient at the plate and work the count a little better. I got a lot of "great hustle" comments from guys on the other team. Our manager is pleased and sees me as a solid addition to the team so I am happy about that.

After the game a few of us went and got some food and Michael from the team wanted to go out and hang at our sponsor bar. Tony was heading down to hang out so the three of us met up at the bar and another guy from the team came along as well.

Not to get all sappy on here, but, Tony is awesome to hang out with. He is rolling his eyes as he reads this but he is a good guy to go out with. We decided to hit up Stereo pretty early, around 11:30ish. Stereo I guess is the new Roxy on Saturday night. I am not a big club guy. We got REALLY expensive drinks and talked until the place started filling up.

This Italian caught my eye. He was attractive, not a "Chelsea Boy" looking guy but cute. Reminded me of this guy I work with. Anyway I was talking to him earlier in the night on the dancefloor before things got really busy. He was into the conversation and I was just seeing what was going on. The bartenders working were HOT. I mean really hot. Out of my league hot. On Steroids to have that kind of body hot. One bartender and I got talking. His name was "Will". Probably not his real name but it worked for me. He had taken his shirt off and had a smooth chest. Nice pecs and biceps and looked like at one point had a really defined and toned stomach, but had small love handles and a belly. Still, he was hot. We got to talking, He is from Brooklyn and now lives over in Jersey. He gave me a break on some of my drinks and we flirted a lot. I got drunk and was always going to him for my drinks. He would smile, flirt and talk to me when I came by.

Later on in the night I was blunt and asked him if he was single. He said, no… but smiled. I went out on the limb and said, "you're with a girl huh?" Of course he was. He asked why. I kept hitting on him and going off about straight guys I was attracted to. It always works out that way. He smiled and said he was flattered. Before I left I gave him my number and said, call me if you ever switch teams.

I started to remember this when I was talking to another guy I met named Guy on the phone this afternoon. He is the Italian I mentioned earlier. Anyway, I was walking upstairs in the club to see Tony who was with Michael and bumped into Guy. We talked, and walked upstairs. We talked over the loud thumping music and he we had a good conversation as we could. I don't know how it started but we ended up making out. Tony stopped us after about 5 minutes of making out and he preceded down to the dance floor.

I got his number, he took mine down and we got separated after I took a trip to the bathroom. I found Tony and we headed out the door and went to Cafeteria down in Chelsea to get food. Our waiter was cute. My burger was delicious and I fell asleep at about 7am.

Whenever I hang out with Tony I spend a LOT of money. I had fun so it’s no big deal.


  1. It is like you make out everytime you go out, seriously! gj! lol

  2. YOu are a makeout slut lol!!! Mmmm why did you not get the mac n cheese at cafeteria? I have never heard of Sterio till you mentioned it, will have to check it out.

  3. I swear I'm doing better bar research before next trip to NYC. Either that or plan on drinking a LOT More next time. ha!
    glad you're having fun stud.