Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Undressed... again

I know a lot of bloggers out there have posted parts of episodes of Undressed. I have been a big fan of the series since I was in college. For most of us in the closet, this was the first time I saw many different gay characters that were very different. The straight jocks like me, the feminine guys and regular guys. It was one of the first times I really accepted that I was like these guys and I started to become more comfortable with who I was.

This was one of the first episodes of Undressed that I remember that had a gay story line. I was extremely attracted to the main character played by Nicholas Gonzalez. The end of the video has him dealing with his boyfriend and porn, which kinda ruins the brother storyline.

Anyway, I thought I would share this episode that has been on my mind the past few days. If you don’t want to watch the episode and see some reaction read below…


"He Ain't Gay, He's My Brother"
by Rick Bitzelberger, Steven S. DeKnight, Graham Flashner and Tom Crehan

Andy’s living with his boyfriend Joel and is excited to meet Andy’s brother Brick. Joel hasn’t met anyone from Andy’s family and is looking forward to meeting the macho brother who is in the Navy. Andy confesses that he is not out to his brother or anyone in his family because he is scared of what they might think and how they would react. Joel wants to know why he isn’t out and wants Andy to come out to his brother. Andy begs Joel to “stay in the closet” for the time that his brother is staying at the apartment. Joel agrees and plays along. Brick and his friend Ned show up with some beer and talk about their leave from the naval ship they serve on. There is some funny banter with being crammed on a boat with all men for months at a time. Brick asks Andy where his girlfriend is and he tells him that they broke up because he wanted to bang all the time.

Andy wants to get to bed, says Joel is sleeping at his place because he is between apartments, they head for the bed room and Andy makes Joel sleep on the floor because he is paranoid Brick would walk in. The next day Joel, Brick and Ned are sitting around talking about leave and Brick reveals that he loves whores and bought Andy a whore for his 13th birthday. Andy walks in and asks one of the greatest lines of the series...

Brick: Well, ask him yourself...

Andy: Ask me what?

Joel: How'd you like your hooker (said with a shit eating grin)

Andy explains to Joel in private that he couldn't do anything with the hooker. He begs Joel to keep the facade up for a few more days. Andy heads back outside and asks if the guys wanna hit up a club. Joel makes a reference to a gay club on Santa Monica but trails off before he can say the name. Joel says he isn't going out and Andy follows him to the bedroom to talk about how he can't go out by himself. Joel doesn't like pretending that he is straight anymore and wants Andy to just come out to his brother.

Andy talks to Brick on the couch, Ned is out on a walk and Brick asks about Andy's job at a condom store in West Hollywood. Talks about the "freaks" that come in for condoms that "sleep with other men". Andy doesn't see it as a problem and makes a comment about being stuck on a ship with a bunch of men. "you can't shoot the enemy if you're staring at your shipmates ass." Brick gets OVERLY DEFENSIVE about the comment saying he doesn't know anything about it. It gets awkward and Brick leaves to find Ned.

Andy realizes it's too hard to have Brick staying over and will ask him to leave in the morning. Back out in the living room Ned and Brick get ready for bed and we see the first real interaction between the two friends. Ned is upset. Brick explains that he can't tell his little brother that he is gay because Andy has been looking up to him since he was a little boy. Brick promises to make it up to Ned and kisses him.

The next morning Ned and Joel are talking in the kitchen. Ned is looking for the tea that Andy hid because he thought it would make him look "gay" to his brother. Joel asks Ned about having a girl at every port, he says he has a girlfriend but doesn't have a picture. Joel thinks its weird that he doesn't have a picture and figures out that Brick and Ned are dating. They want Andy and Brick to come out to eachother and devise a plan.

They return from their walk to find Ned and Joel drinking wine looking at an album. Joel is an "ink man" and says he gave Andy a tattoo of a heart on his ass. Ned suggests that he and Brick get hearts on their asses. Brick wants a battleship but said a bleeding heart witha dagger will be fine. He panics when Ned drops his pants. Joel heads to the car to find some ink in hopes that this will start the brothers coming out.

They talk about Andy's tattoo on his ass and how it hurt. Brick looks awkwardly at his wine and wants a beer. Ned and Joel return and decide it's time to be dramatic with the brothers. Ned says that they can get the tats when they are up in San Fransisco, Joel makes a comment on the Castro and how they were there. Ned follows saying that he and Brick spent some time ins Greenwich Village (should have used Chelsea but whatever) The brothers get tense and Ned and Joel say that they are in love and start making out... leaving the brothers in shock.

Joel then kisses Andy, Ned kisses Brick and the brothers stare at each other and exclaim, "You're gay!?"

The brothers have a heart to heart and say it will be an interesting Thanksgiving.

Andy .... Nicholas Gonzalez
Joel .... Eyal Podell
Brick ... Terry Simpson
Ned ..... Allen Cutler

I loved this episdoe. Re-watching it reminds me of a friend who is in a situation where he is preparing to come out to a friend at school. He is a little older than the guy he wants to come out to and is looking for that courage to come out to this guy, who means a lot to him. There has been some tension and certain situations they have been in where the friend has given him chances to come out and probably knows that he is gay, but wants my friend to come out. I really hope that after he watches this video it give him the courage I know he wants and needs. I also know how hard it is to come out to someone. I have been there. I came out and most of my friends that I am close with think it's a bigger deal than I did.

My best friend John, who I came out to as bi in high school, chose me to be his best man in his wedding. I was a part of the happiest day of his life. The night before the wedding, after the rehersal dinner he tells me that I am his best friend in the world and that we have stuck by eachother for so long. He is also happy and proud of me for being who I am and coming to a point in my life where I can accept who I am and just be me.

I still need to jump over the hurrdle of telling my family. I do know that my friend who is about to come out will appreciate the shout out and will see that a weight will be lifted off his shoulders.

I am in by no means saying that every person should come out after watching this video. Hell, I was scared to tell a lot of people. But I do know that there are fears out there that you won't be accepted. Everyone should do it when they feel they are ready. I am by no means a feminie acting gay guy at all. But I am comfortable with my close friends talking about liking guys and am honest about it. I think that NYC has helped me find my way to who I am with going out and meeting other guys. ANyway, I hope you enjoyed the video.


  1. I loved undressed!

    I totally agree with you about it being like one of the first "it" shows on MTV to show gay guys in a positive light.

  2. I've never seen this episode of Undressed, thanks for the post JP. Hope all is well.

  3. Great post.. I remembered that episode, but didn't realize the true nature of what it was saying until now.

  4. Just a note to say that I also saw and liked this episode when it first aired. Great to see it again. The reason that they referenced Greenwich Village is that a wider range of people know about the Village as part of gay history than know about Chelsea as being a gay area.

    Wish there was a way to purcahse a DVD with just these gay episodes.

  5. The one co-star on that show is now on the Young and the Restless soap.

  6. The actor who plays Brick had a spot on "Latter Days". Same sort of personality in both films.

  7. Thanks for posting, I have posted some other ones on my blog at one time, I enjoy watching them. I also watch Young and the Restless so I was surprised when I seen "Adrian" on Undressed!