Thursday, April 26, 2007

Danny Roberts pt. 2

I got an interesting e-mail over vacation that I have been meaning to post. All of you remember my 2 Days with Danny Roberts from The Real World: New Orleans…. A reader of Queer Click sent an email in about how Danny Roberts has a “small dick”.

First of all, I understand that Danny is a role model for young guys who are coming out and generally, a celebrity for those who grew up watching Real World, but do we really need someone to BASH this guy online? I understand that it is the internet and you are free to write about anything you want, but seriously.. why Danny? He is such a nice guy.

Take a look at some of those pictures on Queer Click and tell me that he doesn’t have a nice package…


ALSO… from Wikipedia… “Danny now speaks at schools across the country on diversity in sexuality, coming out and the military's "Don't ask, Don't tell" policy and currently lives in Harlem, New York City.”

Ummm, Danny... I live close.. holler at me... lol

haha I highly doubt that Danny Roberts, or anyone who is on reality television reads my blog. If you do shoot me an email. Killerblender at gmail . com

Anyway, enjoy some pictures of Danny from his website Country to Concrete.

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  1. I think he has a nice penis. I haven't had sex yet and I'm worried that a big cock might hurt. :)