Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Looking Back... HS Football

I came across this picture somewhere on the internet and it reminded me of this guy Bobby that I played football with growing up. Bobby is a good looking guy. The last time I ran into him is when I was bartending in Fairfield, CT.

My senior year of high school, our team was 7-0, ranked #15 in the Nation and on our way to a Conference and State championship season after losing the State Championship the year before. We went into our second to last game, favorites and the regional game of the week that would be seen on the MSG Network. We went into that game pumped up and lost 21-7.

For the first time in my career playing sports I cried after we shook hands and went to circle up as a team after in the endzone. The younger guys who didn’t play looked at us, the seniors and juniors sobbing and crying. Our coach really didn’t say anything. He said he would talk to us when we got home. When we got back to school and headed into the locker room Bobby was in a pose almost identical to that pose the shirtless guy is in.

On his shoulder was our junior running back Gavin. Crying on Bobby’s shoulder no coaches in the locker room… just the Varsity team… in silence. That night we went to a guys house and got absolutely hammered. No girls, no one not on the team.. just seniors and the juniors that played.

I loved playing football. I saw that picture and it brought back a lot of memories. At the gym last night, I was doing some crunches and it was really warm in the gym. In the summer we had conditioning practices at our gym at school. I reached back and felt the sweat running down the back of my head (I had a good workout going) and the warmth of the air, smell of the gym with all the sweat brought me back to those summer practices in the gym running gassers, wind sprints, lifting and doing random exercises to stay in shape over the summer.

I got to know a bunch of guys I will never forget playing football, even had some fun. Just wanted to share the picture with all of you guys.

I have been hitting the gym pretty good the last week. Feel a lot better now and even lost 5 pounds since I last weighed myself.

Now if only that network would call me back with a job offer.

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  1. I went to a really small high school in downtown Boston. As a result, there were really few sport teams. Football was not one of them. The teams they did have sucked. I always wanted to play football in school, but chance would have had it otherwise. Moreover, even if they *had* offered I prolly wouldn't have been able to play. I was a sponsored amateur skateboarder all through high-school and college. That ate all of my free time. However, I am going to regret not getting to play football the rest of my life. Your post makes me think I missed even more than I realize.