Monday, March 5, 2007

Catching Up.......

Hello everyone! I am refreshed! This may be the first “Monday” I have had at work in a long time where I am not super tired / still hung over from the weekend. As you all saw last week, work kicked the shit out of me. I ended up working 37 hours of Overtime in 5 days. 77 hours of work last week… so that means a LOT of money will be in my paycheck this Friday.

I don’t know if I am going to save up all my money for a long weekend trip I want to take very soon or go on a little shopping spree. I barely have enough room right now in my apartment for the clothes that I have. So who knows what I will do. This week is looking to be lot better as far as not working myself to death.

Where do I start …

Let’s start with Wednesday afternoon. Wednesday, I had it with all the work I had been doing. I sent an e-mail to my EP (who has no control over my hours or schedule… ) and HR manager (she does) I explained what was going on with me and that I felt like I may fall over if I were to keep working these 15 hour shifts as I had been the past 4 days. So, instead of me coming in at 10pm, they had me come in at 3am for the rest of the week. I was very excited to get sleep. I was able to go to the gym those days and get a good work out in.

While at the gym, I had a conversation with a trainer there. He is friends with David, my usual trainer, and when I am in we always shoot the shit for 5 minutes talking about random bullshit. Anyway, I was on this elliptical machine and he stood on the one next to me and talked to me for all 25 minutes I was on that machine. He was really cool, trying to get me to buy sessions from him and giving me compliments on how far I have come since I started working out at that gym, even though I have been so busy with work.

It was nice to hear it even though he just wants me to spend about $800 on training sessions.

Friday comes along and I have a face to face meeting with my HR manager. The first words out of her mouth are “I am so sorry I have almost killed you this week” I laughed and she got into apology mode because she knows that she has been working me and a few others to the bone this week.

We had a really positive conversation about my future here at the network, looked over my resume, and talked about the coming week. It looks like the new girl is not coming back. My HR manager rolled her eyes and looked annoyed when I brought her up, seeing if New Girl was ok. “I don’t know when or IF, she will be back…” So, who knows.

Friday afternoon I jumped on a train for New Haven to go see a comedy show at my old college. I was in the first 2 “seasons” of this comedy show and a few of my fraternity brothers were in it and really wanted me to come and see the show. It’s all sketch comedy, and I laughed a lot. After I got pizza with my little brother and then headed to a party on campus where I felt old. I mean, 26 is not old at all, but when there are 18 year old girls hanging around being annoying, you just want to slap people.

That next morning I headed back to New York, took a short nap and then headed out for the night with my buddy Sal. We hit up my fraternity brother PJ’s birthday party down in the village at Fiddlesticks. It’s an Irish pub with good music and saw some people I hadn’t seen in like a month. A guy that was there that I was excited to see was John.

John is a friend of a bunch of guys from school. An attractive guy, he’s about 5’9” swimmers build brownish hair, green eyes. He dated one of my friends Kim at school. After I graduated in 2004, I really didn’t see him much because I wasn’t up at school, and working in New York. I got to see him again this past summer at PJ’s graduation party. John had come out of the closet and came out with a bang. His voice had got a lot more flamboyant and feminine. It’s not that big of a deal, that was really the only thing that was different about him. Anyway, he has a boyfriend who I find sketchy.

Anyway, The open bar was over at the bar so, John, his boyfriend, this guy Mike, my straight fraternity brother Sal, and I went to Barracuda to hang out after. Sal had no problems going to a gay bar. He’s a cool guy.

Anyway, while I was at Barracuda, I got a call from Kevin. Kevin is a guy who I met last summer at a roof top party in Chelsea. We had a lot of fun the first night we hung out and since then have met up a couple times late night after drinking. He came and met up with us and he wanted to come home with me.

Sal was staying on my futon, so Kevin and I were quiet so Sal could sleep, he had work in the morning. Kevin and I definitely had fun. No sex… but we had a lot of fun.

The next morning we got out of bed at like noon and laid on the futon and watched an episode of Law and Order SVU, his favorite show. After Kevin left, I went and got a sandwich from Subway and then fell asleep on the futon until I had to come into work. It was nice to be able to get a lot of sleep before coming in today. I still have a few hours left on my 15 hour shift. “Old Girl” is coming back to work tomorrow and I should have a shorter day… only 12 hour shifts the rest of the week.


  1. JP, you need to treat yourself to something after working like a mad man!

  2. sounds like a fun and entertaining weekend!

  3. definitely sounds like a great weekend, sweet job. I"m glad the HR is aware of the job you've been doing. sheesh. keep it up man, later.

  4. *throws up S-V-U in gang symbols*