Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Last Thursday I posted about the new girl at work being out sick for the entire week and how I was looking forward to her bring back because the other girl that is on my shift is on vacation. Well, she is out sick. This week has been long and the entire shift is non-stop work. As many of you know, I have some slow times during my day where I am able to sit back, relax and make a posting to the blog, or talk to some of you on AIM. Well, the past few days its been crazy.

Reasons I want to quit:

1) Lack of Help - Last week when "New Girl" called out, it was fine, there was another girl there to help me out and the show ran fine. I work on two shows a day. There is the main morning show and a show that goes on the air at 4:30am EST. The 4:30 show duties can be done by two people, but it is hecktic. On Friday, "New Girl" was still out sick and the Other Girl was on Vacation leaving me the only person trained to do the job of three people at once. Unfair right? I was given a girl who has no training on my show to "help out" and all she did was sit at her desk and say "if you need help, ask me, I'm watching Oprah"

2) On Friday of last week my HR boss, who is in charge of the schedule, knew that New Girl was going to be out of work the next week. It was not until Tuesday of this week that she try to correct the schedule and get regular coverage on our shift.

3) I have been passed over a bunch of times the past few months for positions that are a step above where I am right now. The last four were all filled by young women with blonde hair and above average breast size who, when our shifts overlap, constantly ask me how to do their job. It's frustrating when you have producers you work with tell you that you are smart on a daily basis and then when you try to move up and out of the "overnight" shift you get passed over for someone who works dayside.

Reasons why I like my job:

1) I get paid extremely well

2) I have access to some of the greatest anchors in television history. One of which just gave me an AMAZING recommendation at another network

3) I have been able to learn a lot of new skills that will possibly get me hired at another network.

I know I sound bitter, I am just frustrated. I requested a meeting with my HR Manager to talk about my frustrations and have a plan for the meeting. After almost 2 years here at the network as a PA, I want to move on and ahead. I was talking with a Senior Producer today and his advice is to lay out what I have done, the stories I have worked on, and the praise I have got from other producers during the meeting and ask how I can move forward and up.

My buddy at a RIVAL network has my resume and word is, there may be an opening for me there. He's a really good guy, known him since my internship, plus he is really cute. Who knows, all I know is by weeks end I will have worked about 80 hours this week.

Any job leads and porn are welcomed to be emailed everyone!


  1. How about a job opening in porn? Ha! Anyway, good luck with a promotion or new job, whichever comes first.

  2. Everyone from age 22 to 26 is bitter about promotions. The way you get to make up for it is by having a life outside of work, which you will not have as much time for once promoted.

    Just remember this when you are flirting with hot Brazilians at Therapy while the rest of us in our 30s are sweating the next memo.

  3. the reason I am so bitter is that I have been passed over so many times because I work this god awful overnight shift.

    the people that are getting promoted into better jobs all have worked during the day. the only people on my shift that have got a "promotion" off the shift have had to leave the network for another... 2 years is a long time to be a vampire at night.

  4. Sorry work is so lame lately. Hopefully the promotion will come soon. In the meantime, here's a fun site to make you fell better.

  5. Hang in there! Your break will come. It sounds like you're taking all the right steps and busting your ass. Someone will notice and you'll get rewarded.

    Btw, keep making out with hot brazilians!

  6. keep it up man, sounds like your'e getting closer to finding the right fit. and obviously you're doing an awesome job even though it sucks. wow. have a good (and better) week. later.

  7. My observations...

    I have some friends in production and I've seen some others who are sucessful. It may take some time, but you will win out by being the best at your work. Someone that is not so famous/big right now will remember you and in a few years time when they've made their mark, you'll end up being producer of the show. Create great alliances with the people/talent around you and make an impression. That will pay off in the long run.

    Hope this helps...


  8. Working at night beats what I was doing, dude, plus you have more of a life, or at least one that I can't have, and will never get back. I am never going to be 26 again.

  9. it depends how "extremely well paid" you are. I mean really, investment bankers work below minimum wage by a long shot if u divide their salary (usually sounds extremely well) by the hours that they work a day. Even though the skill set is extremely important too since it brings potential jobs in the future, but the pay and respect have to reflect. It doesn how cut throat your industry is, there is always gonna be more than one place. If you believe you are good, find a better nest. It is really not worth it when bunch of bimbos constantly getting promoted and ask for your work to their advantage. Bosses who tell you that you are smart AND not giving u a promotion are the worst. U think they are your friend but they are the smart ones who take advantages over cheap labor. I mean really high level management people are not hired to do the work, you really have to understand that. They are hired to do the network, human resource management and strategic decisions. They can be very cunning and evil a lot of times. So don't believe a word they tell you, be true to yourself and look at the big picture.

  10. I know it sucks and I've been there time and time again (being passed over for a promotion), but you have to wait.

    That, or turn into a girl (which is probably not the way to go).

  11. you job sounds so much more exciting than mine