Tuesday, March 6, 2007


I have had a lot of random thoughts this past week that I wrote down. Now that I have the time to actually write, I will write them:

1) My fraternity formal is coming up at the end of the month. A lot of the guys I talk to, active and alumni, want me to bring a guy as a date. I would love to bring a guy as a date to the formal. It's a great time to see a LOT of alumni that you don't get to see during the year. It's a weekend long party and a chance to go back and do ritual with the young active brothers. I always loved our ritual. Even though we had to do typical meeting bullshit in between, it's always an amazing experience to do ritual with your brothers. For those who have never experienced ritual with a fraternal organization, it's an experience you never forget and a common bond you have with thousands of other guys.

Anyway, I am on the look out for a date. I'll see where things go.

2) I got a REALLY good reccomendation from a big time news anchor this week for the job I interviewed for. It's a positive. She forwarded me the email exchange and it looks good. I would have to move to another state for the job, but it would be worth it. I know I would miss New York City, but I wouldn't be that far away...

3) Now that I am back on a "regular for me" schedule I have a lot more time on my hands. I don't know what to do with myself. I have been going to the gym for the past 2 days now. 3 months to lose some weight to look goo at the beach!


  1. ooh! where would you move?
    come to philly so we can finally hang out! lol
    i was thinking of joining the 'boot camp' program to get my butt back to the gym on a schedule, but its just so hard to commit to it

  2. Hey man -- thanks for the comment and linking to my blog. So as an alum, you get to go to your fraternity formals still? It would be interesting to take a guy to the formal. I don't know if it would fly with mine -- I went to college in Indiana. Altho, the four guys from the fraternity I'm still friends with have all been really supportive. Good luck and more later...

  3. Hey there. I've been visiting your journal for a while and figured I'd say something.

    It's always good that the undergrad and alumni bros accept you for who you are and want you to be yourself and bring a guy to the formal. I wouldn't have dared to do such a thing with the brothers of my chapter. Though some brothers at other schools had a vastly different outlook.