Monday, January 22, 2007


Matt over at Debriefing the Boys had a few videos posted of the show Undressed that was on MTV a while ago. I linked to the latest video and the others from YouTube can be found HERE.

The Secret relationship story hit home with me because of a similar situation in college. I was an Orientation Leader (OL) at my school and had a bunch of transfer's and athletes during an August session right before school started. I became friends with this guy nammed Tucker (not his real name). He was on a sports team at my college and was in awesome shape. He was kind of distant from the rest of the guys on his team, but we would talk at the cafe, hallway in some buildings and always in the gym. He would make a point to come over and say hi to me, then we would run on the indoor track if he wasn't doing a team workout. My gaydar was going NUTS on this guy and one night I invited him to come to one of our on campus parties. He came by and we were drinking and hanging out. A few guys from his team came by that I was friends with and this one guy, Jim came up to me.

Jim said, "JP, watch out dude. Tucker is gay."

I thought he had some beef with Tucker so I ignored him. Later on in the night, after a few drinking songs with my fraternity bros, Tucker and I ended up in my room playing Madden. He said my room was getting hot. So I offered to open the window. He said, nah it's ok and tok off his shirt. I took the cue and looked at him dead on in his blue eyes. He smiled and leaned in and kissed me. It was so hot.

Anyway, we had the whole "this isn't gay, just having fun" talk 6 months into us hooking up.
I know I am not going into much detail about him, I'm tired and will finish more of this post later.

Before I get some sleep... a big thanks to Matt from DTB because he listed me under his favorite blogs. You guys need to check his blog out, it's a great read. Thanks Matt!

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