Monday, January 22, 2007

Hockey Locker Room

Facebook is a wonderfull thing. Like someone else I know, I enjoy "stalking" some guys on facebook. This I guess isn't stalking because I am real life friends with the guy below. He plays hockey at his college and posted pictures on facebook of hanging out in the locker room. I could not resist sharing a few of the pictures he had tagged. For those of you still in college and have facebook you have to love seeing pictures like this. My favorite is when hot guys get tagged shirtless at a party and they show up on someone's mini feed. I know, kind of pathetic, but enjoy these locker room pics.


  1. Oh man...this reminds me of when I used to score keep for my college's intercollegiate Hockey team. Nothing exudes more hotness than hockey jocks changing in the locker room...*drool* But I could do without the locker room smell...>_< Haha!


  2. oh, i don't know, sometimes that smell just drives me crazy