Monday, January 22, 2007

Sweet weekend fo sho

I am sure most of you have noticed that I have been in a bad mood. I feel like I need to apologize to Tim and Jordan because I have been talking to them about a bunch of stuff. Friday, I talked to Sully before he went to work about a lot of stuff on my mind. It’s always good to just talk to someone about anything and everything on my mind.

So, my friend Tony and I have been wanting to meet up for a while now. We met through friends and he reads the blog. We talk on the phone on weekends, drunk dial each other and IM nightly. We talk about a lot of stuff and can say that he is a cool guy.

At around 3pm on Saturday Tony called to say he was on his way over to my place. He was in the city already visiting some friends and had said early in the week that he wanted to meet up on Saturday night. I didn’t think he would be heading over so soon. So, seeing how I was being lazy I cleaned my room and living room up, sat back down on the couch, and zoned out.

Tony found a place and parallel parked by himself on the street and made his way to my apartment. Knocked on my door and I gave him the tour. We sat on my couch, watched a little of the Patriot. We talked about a lot of stuff and the subject of SNL came up and we both love Tina Fey who is now on 30 Rock, which happened to be on my DVR. So after 30Rock I took a shower and we left to go grab some food.

After walking around the Meatpacking district trying to find a place where you didn’t need reservations, we ended up at this place across the street from the Gansevoort hotel . It was a cool place, got a table right away and just caught up and got to know each other more in person.

After dinner, we headed to the Gansevoort for drinks at the Penthouse bar. Most expensive drinks ever. 4 drinks were as much as our dinner. Ridiculous. We headed after to GYM. He had been there drunk one time in the past. The crowd was a lot older than usual. Plus, we really didn’t see anyone that was attractive. Our goal for the night was to each find a guy. We headed up the street to Barracuda. We did 2 rounds of shots of Jager and two beers and got hit on by two drag queens (all in twos) We decided to leave, even though it was still early we left and went to Therapy. Neither of us had been there before, but he had heard of it. We show up and the place was really cool.

We found a place to sit, had a hot waiter named Domenic and the guys sitting next to us were cute. I was attracted to this guy with dark hair but ended up talking to this guy named Ryan, who is from Canada but now lives in NYC. We talked about the Maple Leafs, Raptors and Blue Jays. I talked about how I worked in television and he had always wanted to work in TV so we hit it off.

After an hour of talking, flirting and him talking to me in French he asked for my number. We exchanged numbers and he left with his buddy. Tony had made eye contact with this guy Mike, who was pretty cute. They had been staring at each other for a little bit. Tony went over, made his moves.

Tony has an awesome personality. He reminds me of my fraternity brother/ good friend Cameron. He has a killer smile, charm, and good looks. I’m sure he is rolling his eyes reading this but it’s the truth. I went and joined Tony and these two guys at another table. It was obvious that BOTH of the guys wanted Tony. Mike especially. It was getting late and we were hungry again. We headed over to Lucky’s Famous Burgers which was close by. Mike and his friend Miguel (possibly his name I forgot) I ordered a Burger, was kind of disappointed that Ryan bounced. Mike was playing very hard to get with Tony. He kept saying he was straight, Tony kept calling him gay and it was a funny flirtation. In the subway station Mike kept coming up to Tony and talking to him and they finally exchanged phone numbers.

We got home at 4:30ish and crashed on the futon and watched SNL. I crashed around 5:30 and slept like a baby. Tony woke me up at around 1pm (yeah I know, crazy) and we headed downtown to catch brunch with an “ex” of Tony’s. I call him an ex because they used to hook up off and on, and for the purpose of the blog, they were dating. His ex, also named Ryan (now called “his” Ryan) was at a place down on 10th and 3rd with some people. On the car ride downtown we talked about how much fun the night was, about the guys we had met (and we both met our goal of finding a guy that night).

After not being able to find a place to park, we get to the brunch place and his Ryan and his friends had started eating so we stopped in and said hello. We walked upstairs and instantly I recognized Ryan. He had dated my friend Erik while in college. When Erik and I were talking back when I first started my job in NYC, I had seen Ryan’s myspace page, thought he was really cute. Now here I am, meeting him randomly. I texted Erik saying that I had just met the ex and he thought it was really funny.

We left the brunch place and found this pizzeria called Pie by the Pound. Awesome pizza place on 4th between 12th and 13th. Had a slammin piece of 5 Cheese pizza that had Provolone Gorgonzola Fresh Mozzarella Fontina Parmesan. I added some black pepper, garlic and oregano to it. So gooood. Anyway, Tony and I went into this costume shop that was next door to kill sometime, took a trip to Barnes and Noble in Union Square and then he took off to head back to school.

Overall it was a fun time with Tony. After he took off, I got a call from this guy Rob who wanted to watch the football games. I met him at a bar on the Upper East Side (UES) got a hamburger later on in the night and then headed back to my apartment to nap and head to work. I’m happy Tony and I finally got to meet and spend some time together. It’s crazy how you can bond with someone quickly and have a good time the first time you meet. I don’t want to call Tony one of my “gays” but he is in a straight dude kinda way. Now it’s back to the grind of work.

EDIT: 8am- I left my cell phone at home last night while I was at work. I get home, tired, want to sleep and there is a text from "my" Ryan. I had called Sunday afternoon to say hi. His text said, " Hey. Will call you tomorrow. was at dinner and a movie" Pretty sweet. I'll keep you all updated.


  1. JP,

    No reason to apologize at all. That's sweet about Ryan.


  2. congrats dude. its funny to read about your antics because i can actually relate to the places you went. in most blogs, people talk about going out, but i have no clue what its like. sounds like you had a wild weekend. glad you had fun and met someone. i can't believe you went to the meatpacking though, how bridge and tunnel of you :P, i avoid that area like the plague, esp. on weekends.

  3. Ah, Therapy. Definitely one of my favorite bars in the city. Always full of good lookin guys. I haven't been to NYC in what seems like forever (almost a year), and reading your post really makes me miss it all the more. I have a funny story that begins at Therapy that I'll have to post soon.


  4. hey JP!
    thanksf or naming all the places in NY. also glad to see you got out there and met some NY guys. ha!
    hope it's a good week, later.