Friday, January 19, 2007


I wanted to make a clarification about “ALL” the guys that suck in New York. Obviously there are some of you out there that do NOT suck. This comment was being thrown toward certain people that just suck and have pissed me off in the past.

I know I have been talking/chatting with a few guys from New York recently and besides the stupid hockey player, all of you are awesome and I enjoy talking with you.

I wanted to clarify that for those guys, and anyone else that may have thought that they were included in the “All Guys Suck” kinda post.

Okay… now I feel better


  1. as a nyc person, i appreciate the clarification. although, im still pretty much an asshole for the most part...

  2. I have to say I found some lovely guys in new york when I went there recently. I guess it's just a matter of finding people like yourself and talking to them. After that, it's kind of easy...