Monday, January 15, 2007

Parents Reaction...

I don't know if I jumped the gun with telling my parents about the job interview I had for a job out in Burbank. My sister Kate has known about it since the first interview. My parents were in the car on the way home from New Jersey and I called to see what they were up to.

Mom answered and she asked me how everything was going and if I had been applying for jobs... Moms have ESP. I told her that I had an interview today and think it went well and should be hearing back soon.

She asked me what i would be doing.. I took a deep breathe and told her the job was in Burbank. she paused and said... "California?"

She went on this tangent about how she would not support my move out there, that I would miss home and not be around to see family and such. It was just a mom trying to protect her first born and only son.

My dad took it better saying I needed to think about the financial pros and cons of moving but nothing about my future career.

Overall it has blown over for the most part and I am still waiting to hear back if I am going to be flying to LA for a face to face interview. My gut feeling, though the interview went very well, is that I did not get the job. Only because I am in New York.

I am in my new apartment now and my room is TINY, but have a large living room. My roommate doesn't know about me yet so that should be a fun conversation.


  1. If you have a friend that lives out there I would suggest using that phone number/address. Might be too late though...

  2. I feel that you should have told your future roommate prior to making the arrangement. It's an awfully big item to drop on someone.