Tuesday, January 2, 2007

New Year Resolution

My New Years, overall was interesting. As you know, I worked. At around 3:15am about 10 bottles of champagne showed up and I ended up having a bottle all to myself. I got home at about 8am (very early) and fell asleep. I woke up at about 10pm. I could not believe I slept that long.

Everyone talks about a New Years Resolution and last year mine was "Fuck Resolutions" this year I don't know. I think they are over rated. This year I know that there are some things I want to accomplish.

1) Need to go to the gym regularly
2) Eat Right
3) Get a better job with better hours

That is really about it. Tim had suggested that I read The Abs Diet and use it to help with my quest for a better body. I have been reading it and a lot of what it says makes sence. I know that you need to work out and that you need to eat right for everything to work. I really do appreciate Tim's suggestion and I hope that all of you read his blog.

I promise my weekend re-cap is coming soon

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