Monday, January 1, 2007

greetings from work...

We celebrated the New Year at work with a champagne toast and then, more work. I would like to thank right off the bat Barry, Jared, Blake and umm oh yeah Tim for keeping me company on my "Celebration" of 2007 at my desk at work.

I would also like to thank all of those who IMed me with a Happy New Year greeting! All of you that e-mail, IM and comment help make this blog better with every post.

Work is going by slowly and I am working on my post about what happened this weekend.

Feel Better Blake!


  1. Thanks for the IM JP! I would have IMed you had I known you were at work...then again I was out at a dinner party til 10PM PST.

    But thanks again for the IM bro...may your evening/morning at work go by faster so you don't realize how long you are there! Take care SB! ;)


  2. "and umm oh yeah Tim?" Now you're REALLY getting ignored! haha Happy New Year man!


  3. Happy New Year JP. Sorry you had to work, that sux. Hopefully you'll not be working nights this time next year.


  4. DUDE- I'm so sorry about last night- I sent you an e-mail... I was dying too!


  5. HAPPY NEW YEAR, just catching up on your posts. been way too busy over break. hope its a great new year for you, and hope you have more hot guys and better hours this next year stud. later.
    (AR lost to Wisconsin today dang it all, and Nebraska~ :( it better get better SOON tonight with an OU win. SOONERS!)