Tuesday, January 2, 2007

The Weekend

So, many of you have asked about my weekend. I said that I was VERY excited about Friday and had a GREAT time Friday night. I woke up from my nap, showered and made my way down to meet a blog reader that I have been talking to for a little bit. We had been talking on IM and on the phone and decided to meet up for drinks before he went and met up with his friends that were also out in New York.

Now, he isn't out to his friends at all and didn't want any questions on how we knew and met eachother. I guess saying that I write a blog about being a straight acting gay guy in New York was out of the question. So, we went to this place called Stout which is right by Madison Square Garden. They have a lot of beer on tap. We were able to get a spot at the bar and I ordered a couple of yuengling's and we watched the Rangers game and the end of the Knick game (even though I hate the NBA)

We talked mostly sports and about how he HATES the Giants and likes the Jets. Talked NFL playoffs, sports and other random stuff. We had two beers and he left after an hour to go see his friends.

I went and met up with my fraternity brothers who were at the Gansevoort hotel meeting my friend Lala who was in town celebrating her engament. She lives back home in Spain now and it was really good to see her. It was fun to hang out and see these guys.

The next morning I woke up and heard from Sully who wanted to hang out and watch the Giants game. So I went and got on the LIRR and headed to Long Island. He picked me up and we hung out at his apartment with his girlfriend and just caught up on stuff. We headed out for his local bar and got food and started watching the game.

On the way over to the bar I heard from my Friday night date, he was really hung over and was staying in and watching the game. It was cool that he called me because he is a really good guy.

After the first Giants Field Goal we decided to do shots and do shots after every Giants score. 34 points later and a pitcher of beer, i was feeling good. Our bartender Larry was looking even better. I think I may have been giving him a little too much attention that night. Sully and I ended up playing beer pong and we won 6 games in a row. I ended up fucking up by leaving a cup on the table that had been previously hit... GAME OVER.

I was trashed. Not my fault. I didn't wake up until noon on Sunday to watch the Jets start to win and Sully got dressed in his NYPD stuff and headed in to the city to work.

I still haven't heard back from my Friday night date. I sent him a text message at sometime after midnight saying Happy New Year. Who knows what will happen next, what I do know is that it was nice to meet another guy, who is into sports, likes to talk sports (football and baseball) and know in the back of my head that he likes guys. Overall, good weekend.

Now I am planning my birthday party that is on Saturday Feb. 3rd.


  1. Hey JP!

    Sounds like you had a good, eventful weekend! You totally deserve it! And glad you had a good date as well. Looks like I'm going to have to take your advice and suck it up and go to a bar to meet some guys. Or get lucky like you or Tim and have someone contact me instead! Hah (Who am I kidding...I wish!). So...Am I invited to your birthday party?! :D


  2. it is nice to read your blog and know someone else out there is really enjoys both guys and sports. Unfortunately for us I'm an Eagles and Yankees fan.