Monday, January 29, 2007

Eye Fu*k

I went out Saturday night with a friend from college. We knew each other through a mutual friend and he was in NYC going out to bars for the first time. His name is Rizz. That’s what I have always called him. His sexuality is debatable. He had facebooked me (added me as a friend on the Social Networking site) we e-mailed back and forth and he wanted to hang out. We ha missed each other a few times but Saturday night was the night. He had a friend with him, her name was Michele. He said to me that they weren’t dating. So, we went out to a bar near MSG and then headed down to West 4th street to meet some people there.

I think I drank 2 pitchers to myself that night. All Yuengling. My favorite beer here in the NYC area. So I got home at about 5am, passed out and woke up at 9:45am with a HUGE hangover, throbbing headache and just laid in bed without being able to fall back asleep.

I went out to NJ for the day to see my Jew-rific friend Marissa. We went and got some food at Joes American bar and Grill. If you live near one go grab some food, it’s good.

Anyway, after a long day I had to come back to the city and right back to work. I’m just happy that I don’t have to deal with the super bitch that is my ex-roommate, who still owes me my security deposit.

Now, some have said to me, “You live in New York… why would you EVER want to go to Jersey?’

Just because I live in New York, doesn’t mean I don’t like to get out every once and a while. Plus, NJ does not have sales tax. I also realized that I am over a lot of stores that I liked to go into and check out what kind of clothes they had such as American Eagle, Abercrombie and yeah that’s about it. The A&F had two hot shirtless guys standing out front of the store trying to get people in. I almost went in, I just eye fucked the guy that was standing out front.

I love eye fucking guys. Walking on streets of NYC its easy. Straight guys are fun. Because you lock eyes and after 3 seconds they realize what’s happening and some get off on it. Most just look away but there are the few that will lock eyes and give a little grin. I like to take a few steps and turn around and see if they turn around as well, and I like when a guy is walking with a girl, turns around for one last look, to see me looking back in his eyes. SO MUCH FUN

Anyway, hope you all have a good day, I’m heading to sleep soon.


  1. I love eye fucking too. I kinda wrote about it, here:

  2. I love eye contacts as well, and especially the part when I'm convinced that he wont look, but he does...

    great blog...

    check mine as well...

    take care

  3. No sales tax, my ass! Jersey has plenty of tax.

    You were probably drinking Yuengling Lager. Here in Pennsylvania (it's made in Pottsville) it's known simply as "Lager." (Says so in big letters on the bottle.) Yuengling makes several good brews; their Porter is to die for.

    (Now, let me tell you about potatoe chips........)

  4. indeed, eye fucking is one of the best thing u can do while u are just out doing random stuff. always enjoying it