Wednesday, December 13, 2006


FIVE REASONS WHY ... the New York Giants could still end up winning the NFC East:

- The Cowboys are still reeling from their loss to the Saints and the never-ending distraction known as Terrell Owens. There is reason to believe they won't win out.

- The Giants have done some internal healing, even if they still have a couple of players who feel compelled to tell the world they were wide open when they don't get the ball.

-Eli Manning is getting his groove back.

-Tiki Barber's running.

-The defense is getting a little healthier.

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  1. JMac, hope you are feeling better. Mainlining orange juice is really a wise move; the Vitamin C is a huge factor.

    I am still reeling from the Patriot loss on Sunday. Well, it was worse than a loss; more like a mauling by the Dolphins.

    I have not paid a great deal of attention to the NFC. But with my limited knowledge I cannot see anyone besting the Bears this season. They seem to have it all offensively and defensively.

    The Giants will be a factor along with Seattle, New Orleans, Dallas (gulp), maybe Philly or Atlanta.

    The Giants were flying for a bit and then injuries took their toll.

    It is a weird season. Three months ago I never would have projected that with 3 games to go San Diego and Chicago would be tied with the best record.