Saturday, December 16, 2006

This Weekend...

is very busy. Yesterday I worked, then slept and woke up feeling like shit. I was supposed to go out to NJ and celebrate Hanukah with my Jewish friend Marissa. She is a friend from college and I really didn't want to go on the train for an hour to Jersey, feel like crap and then have to come all the way back, or worse, sleep there. so I stayed in NYC, chatted with some people and started feeling better. It may have been the GALLON of Orange Juice that I drank.

I was talking with Tim and he was chatting with a guy close to him and the guy asked him to the movies. He was debating on whether or not to go. I gave him some encouragement but ultimately, his crush "VA Guy" got him to go on the date.

I was feeling a lot better and ended up going to the gym and doing an hour of cardio and some abs, coming home, showering and got 2 phone calls. One was Irish Mike saying he was not coming out and the second was from Tom. Tom and I had a date over the summer and I stayed at his place overnight in Brooklyn. He just returned from Puerto Rico working on a cruise ship doing acupuncture.

So, I set out to my bar... GYM. I don't think I really explained it well so.. GYM is a gay sports bar here in NY City. Calling itself the "First Gay Sports Bar". They try so hard to be a sports bar with drink specials and some beers on tap. It's a fun place, I like the vibe and have had success meeting guys there.

Tom met me there. He was very bleh and left after one drink saying he was "tired" I sat at the bar and watched the end of the Lakers/Rockets game. After looking around and not seeing anyone I was interested in I called it a night and came home.

Tim was online and we talked about how his date went, which I will let him blog about so you guys can find out more about it.

Tonight is a big night. I am hanging out with a few fraternity brothers at McFaddens on 42nd street for Steve's birthday... then I am meeting up with Sully to celebrate his graduation from the NYPD Academy.

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  1. hey jp, look forward to hearing about the rest of your weekend, man I'm so dang busy this week but I'm going to try and blog about my friday night. I met this f-ing stud out of nowhere. it ALWAYS happens to me when I'm not even looking at ALL. have a great week, hope the juice continues to kick in and keep ya going. later.