Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Quote of the night...

So I have been chatting with someone (I will withhold his name and location because the quote is funny)
I am at work, working on a package that will be shown on the morning show about SUV rollovers and I am chatting on AIM with him. He has been chatting with this guy and is heading home from school and lives close to the guy he has been chatting with. He has a HUGE crush on the guy even though he is 25 and the guy he is chatting with is 18. They may meet up while he is home but doesn't have a car. He came out with this gem of a quote "asking" his sister to borrow her car....
"hey can I borrow your car? why? oh...I think I'm gay and I plan to find out, but fucking this hot 18 y/o in the back seat, haha"
I was sitting in the newsroom and busted out laughing after erading this quote. People must have thought I was nuts.
I have been having some awesome chats with guys all over the US. I kinda wish some of them were closer (like this guy) but something I have come to realize is that the guys that have reached out and said hello, I never would have met if I didn't start blogging about being pissed at work and my lack of love life. Anyway, if you read and want to say hello IM me JPMAC9951.

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  1. well damn if either one look like that pic. man I remember after college and chatting with a guy on aol and then going crazy wanting to meet up with him, and hell yeah he was hot but I hate that we only had a car to do anything in. I also hate that we were too damn closeted and delelting our aol names back and forth all the time then. good post, I may try to find you on aim sometime. later.