Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas in Connecticut...

Well, CT to Jersey to New York for work than back to CT for Christmas day then back to work in New York that night. I have had an interesting time home from NY so far. My friend Pat was flying in from Denver Friday to be home for a week. He got out on time, which surprised me because of the blizzard that ripped Denver a new asshole this past week. I came home to Connecticut right after work, took a nap, and had dinner with my parents and sister here at home.

I get a call from Pat at about 8:30pm saying that he was heading into New York to go out with his girlfriend and her friends. Now, he had told me on Thursday that he didn't feel like going back to New York after his flight and would stay in CT on Friday night. I was kinda bummed out but it's fine. I ended up seeing my friend Blair and having a drink with her and came home to just chill out and watch TV at about 1am.

Today was nuts with last minute shopping. I met up with my friend Shelby at the CT Post Mall and got lunch at a place called "Blue Turtle" I think it's a chain kind of place. It was in the mall but had a sports bar/trendy lounge kind of feel and was REALLY CHEAP! Maybe I am just used to everything being WAY too expensive in New York. It was good seeing her again, she lives up in Boston now and really wants me to come visit her. I think I will take a long weekend up to Boston and see her. Plus there is a really hot guy in Boston that I wouldn't mind seeing.

Anyway, I am hanging out with Pat and Chris tonight and heading to the Giants game tomorrow. I have to drive (grrrr) So annoying, but I will get to that later. I gotta shower up and go meet them for dinner and drinks.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas eve. I am sure I will complain from work!


  1. Well enjoy your fun times at home...Think about work when you get to it...don't let it ruin your perfect weekend for Christmas. Well wishes to you and yours JP! Hope to hear from you soon bro! :)