Friday, December 22, 2006

Family Fun

Tonight was a good time with the family. I got about 3 hours of sleep and could not fall back asleep after my sister called to say they were about 10 mins from Grand Central Terminal so I got up, threw some clothes on and went downtown to meet them.
It only takes about 10 minutes to get from my place to Times Square by subway, which is nice. Mom, Dad and my sister were waiting for me on Broadway and we went and grabbed dinner at Carmines. If you have never been, make sure you make it a stop when you visit New York City.
It's an Italian food place where all the servings are family style. There are no menus given out, they are posted up on the wall for the family/group to choose from. We got WAY too much food.
A HUGE Cesar salad, Fried calamari (my favorite), Chicken Parm and fettuccine alfredo. Not to mention the bottle of wine we had. After we walked down 7th Ave to Madison Square Garden to catch Seton Hall/VA Tech and Duke/Gonzaga. There were SOOOOO many Duke fans even though Seton Hall is just across the river in New Jersey. I only saw the first half of the Duke game because I had to get home and grab some sleep before I came into work tonight.
Everyone at work keeps asking me "Is everything alright?" Even the guy that works our Satellite desk says to me right off the bat, "wow, you look like shit brah" After having such a good night and having everyone ask me what's wrong pist me off. I am trying not to think about it, because it's Friday and the weekend is here... even though I have to work Christmas Eve into Christmas Day.


  1. I come to NYC every few months to visit friends and I love when you post your restaurant/club/bar & or shopping recommendations! Keep those up! I'll def. be trying Carmines now! Jake

  2. glad you had some fun family time man, thats a part of Christmas holidays getting that time in, sorry about the sucky hours. yeah I've gone into work after very little sleep and then I'm crabby at my students and anyone else who comments about my attitude. have a good night at work, later on.

  3. I just Christmas tagged you! Check out my blog for details:!

    And an early Merry Christmas to you JP! Hope you're in better spirits and took some time to go home and recoup! ;)


  4. Hey JP-
    My name is blake and I thought i'd introduce myself. You blog, along with others, is responsible for the creation of my blog- Check it out sometime if you get the chance.

    I went ahead and linked to your site. Have a great x-mas man!


  5. carmines is money dude. you gotta get the steak next time though. the cesar salad is good, but the steak is great! how'd u score ur bball tickets? we should definitely try to meet up and hit the garden together sometime.