Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

I took that picture on my way to work tonight. There are times where I REALLY like living in New York.
It's a little after 2am right now and I got into work at Midnight after drinking my FACE off at the Giants game.
What gets me is that the game was BAAAD. Like real bad. Thank you to Double Lifer for the condolences. And to everyone that IMed me when I signed on at work tonight. It is kind of a waste for me to be here. But someone has to be here "just in case" the world blows up.
So, I wanted to start my Christmas work blog with an e-mail I got over the weekend. Well, I get to work and I had received it on Friday at like 5 in the afternoon. I applied for a Senior Production Assistant position that went to a female African American I have worked with before who is a super bitch. No I am not bitter. The interview was back in November and I got an e-mail from the Senior Producer that was in charge of picking the person for the position.
"we’ve finally come to a decision on our job opening, and decided to go with someone who has spent some time with us in the past. It was a difficult decision, as there were a number of really good candidates, you included. I know that you are highly regarded around here (including by me) and have a great future ahead of you. Let me know if you have any questions, or if I can help in any way. I’d be happy to serve as a reference."
That was my first Christmas present. I sent a thank you e-mail to him saying, in short, thank you for the e-mail and being considered for the job. I also asked if he had any free time after the holidays to discus other positions and my "future" at here at the network.
The second Christmas present I got were the e-mails from you the readers that make the blog worth me yelling and complaining about anything and everything. I also share a lot of what is happening because I like to.

The Giants game was fun. My buddy Jeff from Chicago came to the game. Met me and my two buddies Pat and Chris there. Chris was one of the first guys I ever came out to while I was in high school. Back then i said I was bi but Chris stood by me and we would talk about it as high school and college went on.
Anyway, game sucked, but spending time with guys I barely get to see was awesome. Jeff is an awesome guy. Pretty good looking, or should I say, I am attracted to him. Have been attracted to him since we met at a conference in Philly. He really hasn't talked about girls with me and I know I am just hoping for something but he wants me to visit him in Chicago this spring. Catch a Cubs game and chill in Chi-Town.
I am at work now, kind of useless. There are plenty of people here, don't understand why I couldn't be home with my family, but whatever.

Thanks Dan in OKC for the shout out, work is going ok... Tim, I hope you got in safe to Boston and have fun.... Double Lifer, we got to hit up the garden soon.... Ryan, I can't wait to get an E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES email from you, come back to New York....Bry thanks for keeping me sane during work... a certain Jets fan, you are an awesome guy and I am excited... Kelly, Thanks for the IMs during work!... and everyone else that I may have forgot Merry Christmas!!


  1. *whimpers* hahaha *wink*

    They want you at work cause you're just too damn sexy! ;)

    Well keep sane and safe SB! :D


    P.S. Go drink some water so you don't get too hung over at work hehe!

  2. JP,

    Thanks for the well wishes. I hope you had a good Christmas. I almost didn't make it, I'll have to tell you about the drama. I posted a short recap of it on the blog.


  3. hey man, i like reading your blog. i sympathize with your struggles with family, work, etc. i had a sucky job right out of undergrad as well . and i'm probably a few more years past where you are right now as far as the gay-thing is concerned. i have a steady relationship and i'm now out to my family now. altho it's still a day-to-day struggle. but hang in there... and merry xmas!