Thursday, November 23, 2006


Monday was a pretty fun day. Erik's boss Matt and Scott met us at the hotel at noon and we headed to the Stadium. The guy at the parking lot put us in the back along with a bunch of other Giants fans. Two of them were from Connencticut and one of the guys Paul played football with a teammate of mine from high school. It was kinda strange that we would all randomly meet up like that.

So we set up the tent, beer pong table, and grill. amy decorates the tent with baloons and streamers. Next thing you know, ESPN comes by and tapes us not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES during our tailgating partying. We had Giants fans coming from all over the parking lot to tailgate with us. As the sun went down it got cold. Like, New York cold.

The game was very unexciting. The Giants lost the game. This is what pissed me off the most. The Jaguars can't sell out their stadium. The NFL gives your city an NFL franchise and you can't sell out your own stadium... ON A MONDAY NIGHT. I found this on Wikipedia...

Prior to the 2005 season, mainly due to low attendance figures and looming blackouts, Jacksonville Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver put in place a set of seat covers to reduce the seating capacity for Jaguars games. The covers were placed to block out 7 sections in the upper north endzone and 4 in each upper deck section, located on the corners of each. This brought the capacity down from 76,000 to 67,164 and the Jaguars haven't had a game blacked out since.

Overall, I had a good time. There was a lot more that I wanted to do but couldn't because I was with two other people. I just hope the Giants can turn this seasona round right now!

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