Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Gay Brother / Ex

I have this dilemma. This guy Erik is a "friend" of mine. We met, well online. I was still living in CT and commuting to NYC and we started chating in a chat room one night while I was bored. He seemed like a really cool guy and after about a month of chatting I wanted to meet up because I knew he wasn't a psycho that would have killed me. Anyway, he ditched out on me. Never showed up and was just really dissappointing. We still talk and its funny that we are still chat friends.

Anyway, one of his ex-boyfriends is a myspace friend of his. He was a lacrosse player in college and is a good looking guy... he works in New York and has a house in Westchester.... seems like he makes some solid dough. Anyway, I find him attractive and I have said a few things playfully to Erik about him but, I don't know if I should even persue trying to talk to his ex. Even though I am attracted to pictures and his myspace page I kind it a little pathetic to be attracted to him but also see the qualities of being a fun attractive and succesfull gay man that is still a straight acting guy.

There is a guy I was friends with in college (I was his Community Advisor) who has a gay brother who lives in the city. He has a boyfriend now, and I also find him attractive (are we seeing a pattern here?)

Is this just a cry for more gay friends in New York? I think that I am trying to find someone that is like me and in a similar situation? I don't know... I guess this is what the blog is for.

E-mail or Comment on what you think I should do?

Why does no one comment on my blog? Come on guys seruiously.. I know you guys are reading.


  1. "Why does no one comment on my blog? Come on guys seruiously.. I know you guys are reading."

    hi =)

    And by the way, who cares what Erik think, just pursue relations with this hot lacrosse player. Because at the end of the day, that is all Erik is, an ex.

    Anyway, cool blog, keep up the good work, it makes an interesting read.

  2. hey, I'm reading every post.
    I get out of town a lot to visit a gay friend in austin, and I had the diliemna of always liking his ex boyfriends' or wanting to call them up while in town. but it wasn't even an option, i know he'd throw a fit.
    great blog, later.

  3. JP-
    Love the blog, but yeat call him if you want to. I am sure Erik would be cool with it. Need to do what you need to, to be happy.

  4. Well this is the aforementioned Erik- I am going to put it out there that yes, I did "ditch" JPM (it was actually a misunderstanding of details, but I will own it). With that said, I absolutely would be cool with someone dating an ex, however Mr. Lax is in a very serious relationship, so there is not much JPM can do. In response to Joe's comment, at the end of the day I am more than just an ex to Lax; I am actually one of his best friends. It is possible for that to happen.
    Keep on keepin' on JP