Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Date Night... sort of

Last night I was having a conversation with my friend Juan. He was having a rough night and I have been having a tough time and seemed down. I decided to ask him out to grab dinner at 7:30. Juan is a very nice guy. We met while I was looking for someone to take over an extra bedroom in my apartment. Juan is 5'8", from Colombia but raised in Dirty jersey.

Anyway, I got out of work early yesterday morning and got to sleep by 7:30am on Tuesday. I wake up, shower, shave, and get ready to go meet him on 42nd Street near the Port Athority to go grab food and a few drinks before I go to work.

Right before I walk out the door he calls me. He says he is on 23rd street and I should meet him there because "we" drove in.

I paused because the "we" threw me off. I had invited him out to dinner and he brought someone with him. It's not like we don't know eachother. We hung out before going to bars, spent a day/night out on Fire Island. I was hoping for a nice dinner, the two of us.

Well, I make my way downtown, and meet up with him on 23rd street. He brought his cousin along who just got back from Ireland. Now, I was a little suprised that he would bring someone along, and not throw anything my way as to why...

Dinner went pretty good. Over the course of the conversation, his cousin, who is a girl called me a "Guy" as in she can't belive that I am gay. After her second margarita she wanted me to date her.

I kind of wish I was able to have a dinner date alone with Juan. I guess I will try again soon.

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  1. fire island huh? i can only imagine, stud. have a good night at work. later.