Thursday, November 16, 2006

Chris comes out

When i transfered to Quinnipiac there was this guy on campus that somehow was always walking past me in the halls, the sidewalk, anywhere I was, I would see him. He had these eyes that drove me wild. I would see him at parties, almost always with girls and I never really made a move.
I finally got to meet him when he joined the Comedy group I was in. He was ok... it was his first time acting, first time on stage and wanted to give it a shot. I thought it was cool because here is this guy that I had seen all over campus and had this little crush on in the comedy show, working with him at rehersals at night.
Flash to about 2 months ago. I am on Facebook and Chris pop's up as a friend request. I graduated in December 2004, right around the time Facebook started getting big on college campus's and Chris was not on facebook. I moved to NY, have been working with the network with these crazy hours.
Anyway, I click his profile to check it out before I friended him. The normal profile, was going to grad school, yadda yadda, and it said he was in a relationship with a guy nammed Jeff. Half of my fraternity brothers are "in relationships" with guys as a joke on facebook. So it's one of those "you never know situations"
So, a day or two later I get an IM from Chris. We haven't spoken since the show we were in together. He told me that he has been with his boyfriend for about 7 months and that he wanted to tell me because he could never get the guts to say anything to me about being gay and liking guys!
I was floored. Here is a guy that I had this crush on, would see all over campus, ended up befriending and thinking, ahh he's a nice guy. Turns out he was gay all along. I really hope Chris makes a trip to the city soon. I need some gay friends in NYC. I don't have many gay friends living in NYC. I really want to go out, but don't have many people to go out with

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