Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ben Cohen

WOW! I was chatting with a fraternity brother of mine about possibly going to England at some point next year. He wanted to go check out a Rugby match while we were over there. He was a big rugby player on Long Island and wanted to see a match in England. So I googled the English team and came up with this HOTTIE!

Ben Cohen is one of the hottest rugby stars in England and I wanted to share some of the pics I found of him. All I have to say is WOW!

I found this on his personal site:

I live in Northampton with my wife Abby (we got married in the summer of 2002), and when I’m not playing rugby or training, you’ll find me riding my motorbike, playing snooker or helping Abby look after our horses.

Horses eh? Is that just code for you and your wife? Anyway, enjoy the pics, if you have anymore you want to share send them my way!

Name: Ben Christopher Cohen Date of birth: 14 September 1978
Place of birth: Northampton England
Height: 6 feet, 2 inches (187.96 cm.)
Weight: 220 pounds (99.8 Kg.)

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