Friday, October 14, 2011

Getting Stood Up

There is nothing worse than getting stood up on a date. Especially after a guy that you really like and want to get to know does it to you.

Hey, shit happens. If you can't make it or just don't want to meet up with me... fake an excuse and don't just leave me hanging. Everything happens for a reason.

That's how this date was planned. About 2 months ago I was out for a boozy night with friends at Therapy. We were downstairs celebrating a friend of a friends birthday. I saw this guy in a red flannel shirt just kind of hanging by himself. He looked cute. I got into conversation with friends and lost sight of him. Happens all the time when you're out with friends.

We decided to make our way upstairs to check the scenery out and as I walked up the stairs there he was. The guy in the red flannel shirt. I smiled at him and he smiled back. He came up to me and introduced himself.

"Hi, I'm Red Flannel Guy" he said. Ok, that's not his real name... I just don't want to use his real name or even try to be creative and give him a pseudonym.

We made small chit chat and he asked me for my number leaned in and gave me a kiss. He was heading out with his friends and then just like that he was gone.

Over the next week we text each other back and forth but never set anything up. One day I decided to give him a call but only got his voicemail. I left the ball in his court and never heard back from him.

Last weekend I was out with the same group of friends and was running late. I got to the bar late and went right up for a drink before meeting up with friends. As I am waiting for my drink this guy starts to talk me up. We get to talking and end up chatting for about 20 minutes. He was enthralling, funny and charming. Not to mention handsome. I tell him that I need to go find my friends because I had been running late and I ask him for his number.

As I put his number in he comes up in my phone as "Red Flannel Therapy"... I told him he was already in my phone and he said, "This must be fate. Everything happens for a reason"

After planning our date for last night... I sat at the bar of his favorite restaurant waiting for him. He never showed. I had text him earlier in the day asking if we were still on for 7:30 and got nothing back.

Getting stood up sucks. The bartender knew what was going on and gave me a free drink which... helped.

I will say this... the last few months have been fantastic when it comes to dating guys. There have been ups and downs... by far a lot more ups than I have previously ever had. When it rains, it pours.

Getting stood up just sucks. I wonder if he will man up, apologize and ask me out again. I'd like to think that he will but somehow I really don't think he will.


  1. God how I wish you lived in Chicago!

  2. I wish you lived in Tennessee. :-) Seriously, the guy is/was a total jerk. Forget him. Someone else is out there waiting for you to light up their life.

  3. Awww thanks guys. Really appreciate it.

  4. Wait..."I got blown off by a guy who wasn't even considerate enough to answer a text asking if he was still going to be there, and......I hope he asks me out again?!?!"

    Did I get that right?