Monday, June 27, 2011

The Guy I (sort of) Sent to Rehab

Years ago I met this guy named Shane. We were out at a bar one night in Connecticut, way back before I moved to the City.

I was out with some friends from the restaurant I worked at. We were sitting at a table and these guys start talking with the girls I was with.

Right away I was attracted to Shane. He’s athletic... about 6 foot tall and around 170 pounds. Brown hair and blue eyes. Shane and I start talking about the Yankees and the two of us just start talking baseball back and forth.

At one point I was on my way back from the bathroom and a friend of his stops me and asks me if I was really gay.

Apparently Shane had just come out of the closet as well. We were hitting it off pretty well so his friends wanted to make sure that my friends were not fucking with them.

After the bar closes we ended up back at Shane’s friends place. We are all still drinking and Shane and I were left by ourselves on a couch. We leaned in and there was some hesitating on his part.

“I really want to kiss you but I don’t want it to be a one night thing” he said.

I was fine with that.

After that night Shane and I would text and I ended up moving to the city. He ended up meeting a guy named JR and they dated for 3 years.

Flash forward to last year. I’m living in LA and Shane sends me a message on Facebook. He has been broken up with JR for the last year and he’s not over him yet. He’s telling me what he wants in a guy and he’s basically describing me.

I tell him that if I lived in CT or close by that I would with out a doubt give him a shot. I ended up moving back to the East coast (obviously) and hung out at Shane’s bar that he works at.

My friend Blair would come with me and honestly we would just shoot the shit. He knew that I liked him but I wasn’t being aggressive at all about it. The night came where he asked me if I wanted to come over to his place and watch some football with his roommate and a few friends.

I made sure to look good for when I went over and made my sisters buffalo chicken dip. I also made sure to pick up a bottle of Maker’s Mark to drink.

He greeted me outside with a quick peck on the lips. I could smell alcohol on his breath. He took me on a tour of his place that he shared with his friend Jackie.

His friends started to arrive and he had his arm around me almost the entire night. I was incredibly happy because I had a hot guy who liked me.

About 2 hours into the party Shane got so drunk that we had to put him to bed. I stayed and watched the entire game and said good night to him before leaving. He was pretty muh dead to the world.

The next day I shot him a text asking how his hangover was. No response. I texted his roomie to ask if she had seen him. She had not.

Two months later I get a criptic Facebook message from him saying that he had checked himself into rehab that next day because he had been abusing drugs and alcohol.

I kinda laugh about it because I brought him a bottle of his favorite booze. We drank it together and the next day he went to rehab.

Just another story in the long line of dating fails from this year.


  1. Epic Fail broskie,,, but good story braw,,, love your blog

  2. I wouldn't call it a fail at all. People often need help for conditions they can't battle alone and an addiction is one of them. So please don't write your new friend off. Obviously you were on your friend's mind or he would not have thought of you enough to let you know, even if on FB. He probably needs someone that really cares enough to be there to help and support him now. You just may have been the stimulus he needed to seek help (and I'm not talking about bringing his favorite booze). :-)

    Fortunately, I've not had an addiction to anything other than food.

    So, JP, that is .02 cents worth along with a big hug.

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  4. Sorry to get off topic, but how is the gay softball league going? I still think it is a good bet to finding Mr. Right.

    If all else fails, move here to Tennessee. There are quite a few cute guys around Nashville that you might hit if off with. Just saying...

  5. Just wanted to say that I've been looking at a lot of blogs for some time, and yours is most definitely one of my favorites. It's very well written, and I hope you blog/write more often. I couldn't stop reading.

    On a side note, check my blog out...reeks of self-gratification I know...