Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Next Level

I've had a little cold over the last week that I can't seem to shake. It sucks.

It's ok because I spent most of the weekend on the couch watching football and hanging out. To me, that was a good weekend. Just relax.

I finally heard back from the LA job and have a second interview lined up for this Friday in New York. The head producer is flying east to talk with people in New York and wanted to meet with me again.

I e-mailed a friend of mine who had sought me out and asked what the exact job was and she told me that they have two positions in mind for me. One is a manager type of job. We will see what happens. Both positions include relocation.

I'm excited for change. I need it.

A followup to the Atlanta job.

The contacted me a few weeks ago about setting up a second interview via Skype. I never got any kind of confirmation about the interview. The day before the interview I emailed to ask if the interview was still on and the contact I had was no longer with the company.

They ended up getting a hold of me and rescheduling for last week. They then rescheduled AGAIN for this week. Then called to tell me that they want to reschedule for next week.

I'm honestly done with the games they are playing. Hopfully I have this LA job in the bag.


  1. Good luck tomorrow on your follow up interview!

  2. From experience, a company that mucks you around during the interview process is 10 times worse when you work there. If they cant sort a few dairies out, they could be a nightmare with more complex work and processes!

  3. Good luck, exciting about all the possibilities!

  4. Hope things work out for you. Good luck with your interview..

  5. Was checking back for an update...hope the 2nd interview went great and you get the job!

  6. Good luck with the LA job. I'm in the job hunt right now and all I can say is the recruitment process has really gotten terrible. The quality of recruiters have really gone down hill. Wish you all the best for the LA job!

  7. Hope the interview works out for you and you get a great opportunity out here in LA. Just be warned that the guys out here are just as bad as they are in NYC. However, there's so many out here that its got to be better than where you are now.

    (Been following your blog for a while, and just wanted to give you a big thumb's up. Hang in there.)