Monday, January 11, 2010

Everything Happens...

Everything happens for a reason. I am a firm believer in that. Last week proved that.

When I got back to work last week I got an e-mail from an associate at another company. She asked me to give her a call once I got back into the office from vacation.

I’ve known “Lisa” for a while now from mostly over e-mail. I have had to work with her over the last few years when we needed stuff from them and vice versa. It’s always been a great relationship.

Anyway, I called and she asked me if I was under contract at my current job. I am not, which surprised her.

She explained that she had recently been promoted to a new project and was asked if she knew anyone that would fit into the job. She immediately thought of me.

After talking for a few more minutes about what they are looking for I said that I am very interested in this project. I sent her my formal resume that night and waited to hear back.

Wednesday rolls around and she calls me saying that I should expect a call from her boss sometime during the day. He called while I was at the gym. I returned his call and most of the day went on without hearing back from him. I got a hold of him at the end of his day and we had an informal talk on the phone that ended with, “JP, looking at your experience I will tell you that you are exactly what we are looking for. I’d like to meet with you first thing next week. Have you meet the team and see where this goes. I really think you could be a rock star here.”

Of course, it’s wonderful to hear that when you don’t particularly like your job or the hours you work.

Thursday I wake up to an e-mail from Lisa. My flight itinerary to Los Angeles. This company is flying me out, putting me up in Hollywood and taking me out to dinner.

That is where I greet you from now. The City of Angels. Well, I wrote this before I got on the plane at JFK but still, you know what I mean.

I am staying at a place on Sunset Blvd. It’s pretty swanky.

I told a few friends about this turn in fortune and they were very excited about this interview.

Before I left for Rome, I had a phone interview with a company in Atlanta, who has since e-mailed and called me back about a second interview via Skype. I’ve never been to Atlanta. The job would be mostly at night and dealing with International news. Always at night and I don’t know if I could deal with that again.

Wish me luck. I am off in a few minutes.


  1. Good luck, fingers are crossed for you!

  2. Awesome awesome! *fingers crossed*

  3. Sure makes you feel good to be recruited! Good luck on the interview!

  4. JP - hope that things work out for you on the job front - know that you have been looking for a better job that gives you more advantagment - so good luck on the interview chris

  5. Good luck man! Always good to talk and this sounds pretty viable. LA rocks, check out Manhattan/Hermosa beach as potential places focal home (crappy commute but like being on vacation when you're home!)

  6. Good Luck JP!! It sounds very promising. I hope it went well.

  7. Hope your interview went well. You really sound like a well-grounded young man with a promising future.

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