Thursday, November 19, 2009

Make the Yuletide Gay

I just watched "Make the Yuletide Gay"

I haven't watched a gay themed movie in a while. The guy that plays "Gunn" (Keith Jackson) is a total fucking hottie. I really enjoyed it.

The basics of the movie is Gunn and Nathan are boyfriends at school and Gunn is not out to his parents. He goes home for Christmas break while his boyfriend goes off home to the east coast. Nathans parents decide to go on a cruise of the holy land and expect him to spend Christmas alone doing chores at their sprawling New England estate.

Fabulous Nathan shows up at Gunns parents house where he finds out that Gunn is still in the closet. There are lots of top and bottom jokes, the "oblivious" mother and the girl Gunn dated in high school.

I'm not giving away the ending but you can say that the movie has kind of inspired me to get back into writing something. While the movie had a good concept, I really think that I can write something awesome and try to sell it.


  1. I thought that movie was pretty awful so I'm sure you can do better. But I agree that Gunn is a hottie.

  2. I love gay themed movies. There are not enough of them of course. I'll have to check this one out. Thanks!

  3. @annon - It wasn't THAT awful! True it wasn't perfect but it was a fun watch. I got annoyed with Nathan and how Gunn was kind of blah. Regardless it was a fun watch.

    I gotta write something better than that.

  4. oh it's playing on netflix. i'm definitely going to have to watch. :) great to hear you are writing again. that's awesome!

  5. After seeing that preview, I can't say it looks all that great to me. A lot of gay movies seem to fail for me (writing, acting, etc).

    Whenever I actually see a good one I'm surprised and happy.