Tuesday, July 7, 2009

That dancer from Jimmy Fallon...

Jimmy Fallon was in repeats tonight and I remembered the episode. When I first saw the episode he was trying to get guys to do a dance to a song he created. He asked two members of the audience to come down and try and create a catchy dance to the beat.

The first one was just BAD. The second was awesome. Turns out he was a ringer and professional dancer.

The ringer was really hot. With only a few minutes at work to kill I decided to try and find him using Google. SUCCESS!
He's 22 years old and from Los Angeles. He's also about 5'8". He's fun to look at though.


  1. yeah he is. yum yum. too bad he's in LA....

  2. Oooh he is hot. I swear I've seen him before. I think he did back up for Christina or JLo something.