Saturday, July 18, 2009

Play Ball

Ahhhh.... Vacation. Friday was my first trip to Yankee Stadium.

Well, the New Yankee Stadium. Boy did I have fun.

My work schedule really hasn't worked out where I could go to a game. When I worked in NY and got out of work at 9am I would go home, nap, then head to the Stadium and find a half price ticket and watch some baseball. It was awesome.

I went into the city to meet a friend of mine who is trying to get me on to this project. It would be doing some writing so I am pretty excited about it. After lunch I met my buddy Chris and headed up to Yankee Stadium.

What a sweet place it is. What really confused me is the fact that I walked in and had no idea where to go or what to do. I knew I wanted to do Monument park and the Museum so I asked one of the Ushers where to go.

If you get to Yankee Stadium there are people with signs and t-shirts that say "How may I help you?" These guys know the Stadium and where to go. With minimal waiting Chris and I hit both places in less than an hour. We watched some batting practice and then took our seats in the upper deck. Our seats were not that bad and the weather held out... until the 7th inning when it started to rain and turned into a monsoon.

I took that picture above during the rain delay.

The Yankees won (woot!) and I had a good time hanging out with one of my best friends. Now on to softball in the AM.


  1. Man, I hate the Yankees! But that's cool you got to check out the new stadium, looks like your up by the tippy top. Glad things are well for you...take care.

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