Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nash Lalwer

Late last night I got home and fired up some porn. It's become a normal routine for me to do this. I have been searching for good stuff and came across Nash Lawler. He was recently in a Tommy D video with Tommy.  
 The video sets up that they are waiting to do a scene outside, but it's raining so they are waiting. Tommy gets Nash all worked up and they go at it for a little bit. I was a little pissed off that I did not get to see him fuck Tommy but what was hilarious is that when he came, he yelled "Ahhhh I'm redecorating your chest!".... really loud. 
Turns out that Nash started on Fratmen and made his way to Broke Straight Boys and then on to Falcon. Seems like his career is on the up. I find him incredibly sexy. 
Nash- If you're reading... drop me a line!


  1. OOooh he is hot!!! I think I've seen him before. Thanks for sharing JP.

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